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Larson Wins Big in Milwaukee County Executive Primary

“Our incredible showing in the primary is a clear statement from the voters that they are ready for new leadership in Milwaukee County government.”

By - Feb 16th, 2016 09:55 pm

MILWAUKEE – February 16, 2016–Today State Senator Chris Larson (D–Milwaukee), a candidate for Milwaukee County Executive, released the following statement:

“When we first entered the race for Milwaukee County Executive, the skeptics said that we could never beat a millionaire incumbent willing to spend unlimited sums of money.

“And despite being outspent nearly 20 to 1 by our opponent, tonight we showed that the race for Milwaukee County Executive is tied as we head into the April general election.

“Our incredible showing in the primary is a clear statement from the voters that they are ready for new leadership in Milwaukee County government.

“The results of today’s primary shows that voters have embraced our positive message, which focuses on the issues that matter: protecting our parks and public treasures, expanding our transit system, and restoring good government checks and balances to Milwaukee County.”

Larson for County Executive

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Chris Larson

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