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Injury to MPD Sergeant a wake-up call to Milwaukee youth

Statement of Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. April 3, 2013

By - Apr 3rd, 2013 08:21 pm

Yesterday, a Milwaukee Police Sergeant was caught in an unfortunate incident that involved a young person from my community who made an immature decision to flee a law enforcement officer, putting that peace officer’s life in danger. These types of decisions are at the core of the future of our community and the potential we will have. They also play into the tragic reality of being introduced into the criminal justice system and a very young age.

I would like to first send out my thoughts and prayers to the Sergeant and her family. I have worked with her in the community, and I know the integrity she brings to her position and to the department. Bad things happen to good people, and that is sadly the case in this instance. But as I review the details in this situation, I can’t help but think of what could have happened following this immature decision by a young person, and how it could have ended tragically.

Here are some scenarios:

  • As the Sergeant held on for safety reasons, trapped by the open vehicular door, she could have lost her balance and been killed by the young person’s vehicle. The Sergeant’s family would have been devastated by the death of their loved one, and her young children would have tragically been left without a mother. Furthermore, this young person’s life would be changed forever by homicide charges and a life in prison.
  • As the Sergeant held on, she could have gained control of her weapon and, because she feared for her life, fired multiple shots to eliminate the threat to her safety. The family of the young driver would be devastated by the loss of a life so young, and the Sergeant would have had to relive this situation over and over for the rest of her life, struggling with the guilt of simply having done her job.

This is a sad case where my younger generation of citizens has displayed a lack of discipline. Day after day, time after time, I defend them when they are wrongly targeted for criticism. But this time, in this case, these circumstances call for speaking the truth.

Summertime is coming, and these types of encounters with the Milwaukee Police Department will occur more frequently. My expectation is that young people will comply and cooperate with law enforcement. Although there are issues within the MPD that we are addressing, it does not justify anyone’s immature decision to put lives in danger.

We expect more from you.

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