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Dr. Driver & MPS Deserve Due Credit for MPS Turnaround Efforts

Statement of President Ashanti Hamilton

By - Oct 14th, 2016 02:33 pm

The recent news that Milwaukee Public Schools have won a reprieve from state intervention is a credit to the hard work and dedication of Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver, the Board of School Directors, board President Mark Sain, the district’s teachers and administration, parents and community advocates. Thanks to their tough decisions and a commitment to providing quality education to our children, Milwaukee Public Schools were able to meet criteria and benchmarks for improvement necessary to avoid mandatory participation in the state-imposed Opportunity Schools Partnership Program.

While the policy conversation continues around education reform, city schools are at the vanguard of changes in the way we shape our young people and reshape urban education.  With hardworking teachers and an intense focus on academics, the city is dedicated to working with MPS to continue to make gains in improving student achievement.

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One thought on “Dr. Driver & MPS Deserve Due Credit for MPS Turnaround Efforts”

  1. David Fayne says:

    Because of the high rising cost of remedial education in colleges and universities, I feel that it would be more fiscally responsible for students to take remedial courses in middle-school or 9th and 10th grade. Why should a student have to pay for these classes and earn no credits in their freshman year of college. Student should come to college prepared and ready to enter the workforce without major setbacks. Mentoring and tutoring and counseling should be on-going through 12K. In addition, I believe that critical thinking or logic courses, reading and study skills courses and remedial math courses should be on-going before a student reaches the 12th grade. If a child is still struggling by the end of the 12K, he or she should consider enrolling at a community college that will assist and prepare them for the workforce or prepare them for higher education. For Johnny Can’t Read students, eighteen units of community college credits should be required before entering a major university or the workforce.

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