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Donovan, Borkowski invite President-Elect Trump to Milwaukee

Aldermen reach out to PEOTUS, feds for help with public safety issues

By - Jan 4th, 2017 10:13 am
Donald Trump. Image from campaign website.

Donald Trump. Image from campaign website.

Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Mark A. Borkowski have invited President-Elect Donald Trump to Milwaukee for a firsthand look at some of the city’s public safety challenges. In a letter issued to the President-Elect (attached), Alderman Donovan, chair of the Common Council’s Public Safety Committee, and Public Safety Committee Vice Chair Alderman Borkowski indicate appreciation at the future President’s recent reach-out to Chicago:

“As chair and co-chair of the City of Milwaukee’s Public Safety Committee, we read with great interest your outreach to the City of Chicago, calling on the Mayor of that City to seek federal assistance if it proved unable to cope with the recent rise in homicide and other gun violence. It is frankly invigorating to hear the future occupant of the Oval Office speak so directly and particularly to the needs of a “rust belt” urban area and then go even farther and offer to begin a conversation about a federal response to the problem of urban violence. For too long the federal government has chosen to look away from the tangled web of cause and effect that has brought so much unemployment, undereducation, despair, and violence to these communities that have begun to feel forgotten.”

By Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Mark A. Borkowski

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2 thoughts on “Donovan, Borkowski invite President-Elect Trump to Milwaukee”

  1. Tony B. says:

    Are you going start the tour with the UWM men’s rooms Mr. Donovan?

  2. David O. says:

    My interpretation of this is threefold:
    1. This appears to be an admission that efforts of the Public Safety Committee have failed.
    2. This is an invitation to replace local self control with federal controls and the related conditions.
    3. The signers of the document appear susceptible to the self aggrandizement methods of the President-elect.

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