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Decent and determined citizens prevail in court against alleged nuisance landlord

Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan March 27, 2017

By - Mar 27th, 2017 01:49 pm

I am very pleased that we can score one in favor of the decent citizens of Milwaukee, as last week the city prevailed in its temporary injunction hearing against landlord Kenneth D. Churchill III in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. The Court ordered the appointment of a receiver to oversee Churchill’s 12 near south side property holdings during the pendency of the case.

For years the 12 properties had been the source of numerous complaints and police calls about widespread criminal activities, mostly tied to drugs and prostitution. The city’s lawsuit, filed by City Attorney Grant F. Langley on February 13, alleges that Mr. Churchill’s mismanagement of the properties interferes substantially with the comfortable enjoyment of life, health and safety of others in the neighborhood and the city.

The court victory shows what can happen when neighbors come forward and work with police and city inspectors to combat nuisance properties. The neighbors were fed up and stepped up with cooperation and key information, and the landlord is getting shut down like a bad habit!

This case should make bad landlords nervous, because the city could be working on a case against them soon.

In the Churchill case, kudos to the City Attorney, and kudos especially to the good people of the near south side.

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