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County Board Chairman Lipscomb Opposes $60 Wheel Tax

"After 72% of voters rejected Abele's $60 wheel tax this spring, he must be tone deaf to reintroduce what remains a bad idea."

By - Sep 22nd, 2017 02:44 pm

MILWAUKEE – County Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., expressed his opposition to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele‘s proposed a $60 wheel tax today, saying voters have already rejected the proposal.

“After 72% of voters rejected Abele’s $60 wheel tax this spring, he must be tone deaf to reintroduce what remains a bad idea,” said Lipscomb.

County Executive Abele said prior to the spring referendum he would ignore the will of the voters and introduce his $60 wheel tax again.

Supervisors listened to voters during the 2016 budgeting process, and cut Abele’s $60 wheel tax proposal in half for 2017.

County Executive Abele has accepted Chairman Lipscomb’s invitation to meet with the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors in a public meeting on Monday, October 2, at 4:00PM to present his Recommended Budget and take questions from Supervisors.

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"County Executive Abele continues to ignore the will of the voters, who opposed his $60 wheel tax by a landslide 72% margin in April."

One thought on “County Board Chairman Lipscomb Opposes $60 Wheel Tax”

  1. JUDY says:

    Milwaukee…You are taxing the people to death! Try giving them jobs, so they spend money. NOT keep taking and taking and taking from them!

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