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Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, Supervisor Mayo, Call for Restoration of Bus Service

Mayo Calls for Immediate Resumption of Talks, Dimitrijevic Calls for a Compromise

By - Jul 1st, 2015 12:15 pm

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr., today called for an immediate return to the bargaining table to end a bus service shutdown that has left thousands stranded and unable to get to work, school and other important destinations.

“We don’t want to hurt the taxpayers, but we also don’t want to hurt the hard-working people who need to get to work and students who need to get to school,” said Mayo, chairman of the Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee. “It is crucial that both parties return to the bargaining table immediately and end this strike. Twenty four hours is enough to make a point, now let’s negotiate a deal and end this strike, which has already been catastrophic to hard-working people who need to get to work. It also hurts the disabled who can’t get to the doctor, therapy and other vital destinations.”

Dimitrijevic questioned whether the County Executive’s administration could have prevented the service shutdown.

“After the Administration’s failed attempt for an out-of-state for-profit company to manage our transit system, the County Board successfully acted to bring greater direct accountability to the Milwaukee County Transit System,” Dimitrijevic said. “The Transit system reports directly to the County Executive’s Administration.

“Could the County Executive have prevented this service shutdown by stepping in with a fair compromise? What is his plan to end this failure as soon as possible so county residents can get to work and ride safely to and from Summerfest. We need real leadership and management now more than ever.

“We still don’t even have an Airport Director. It’s clear he’s spent a great deal of time in Madison. This failure to lead at home hurts the local economy, our tourism industry, and I’m concerned this may put our residents at risk during Summerfest.”

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Marina Dimitrijevic
Marina Dimitrijevic

Supervisors Dimitrijevic and Haas Announce More Than $400,000 in Parks Improvements in Bay View Neighborhood

County Board Legislation Delivers $5 Million to Revitalize Our County Parks

Marina Dimitrijevic

Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic Invites Community to Grand Opening of the South Shore Terrace August 19

The renewed terrace was revived through a partnership with MillerCoors and the Milwaukee County Parks Department.

Marina Dimitrijevic

County Surplus Funds Should be Reinvested

County Board Overrides Veto, Allows Funds From Surplus to be Used for Parks, Transit; Also Passes Measure Protecting Taxpayers From Actuaries’ Error on Pensions

Marina Dimitrijevic

Public-To-Public Partnership Between Milwaukee Art Museum and County on O’Donnell Park is “Moving Forward”

Report to Parks Committee Shows MAM Taking Critical Steps Forward on O’Donnell Park

Marina Dimitrijevic

Chairwoman Dimitrijevic and Sup. Lipscomb: County Surplus Funds Should Be Reinvested

The plan put forward by Dimitrijevic and Lipscomb builds on a vision of “encouraging pride in our community and our county and on identifying tangible ways to move it forward,” Dimitrijevic said.

Marina Dimitrijevic
Marina Dimitrijevic

Milwaukee County Adopts S.E.E.D. Legislation

Supervisors override executive veto of program to eliminate “food deserts” among elderly, low-income neighborhoods in Milwaukee County

Marina Dimitrijevic
Marina Dimitrijevic

Cesar Chavez’s Birthday Becomes Minor Holiday for County Employees

Latino Civil Rights Leader to be Honored Annually on His Birthday, Resolution Allows Employees to Attend “Chavez Day of Action”

Marina Dimitrijevic

Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Statement on the Future of O’Donnell Park

“I look forward to the results of these discussions as we move toward a new vision for the Milwaukee Art Museum and O’Donnell Park”

Marina Dimitrijevic

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic Joins Dane County in Call for Indiana Travel Ban

Says Milwaukee County Taxpayer Dollars Should Not Be Spent in Indiana Due to State’s Discriminatory New “Religious Freedom” Law

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