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Bowen Thanks Colleagues for Passage of Living Wage

Encourages County Executive to Sign Ordinance

By - Feb 6th, 2014 04:25 pm

Milwaukee County Supervisor David F. Bowen today thanked his colleagues for passing the Living Wage Ordinance on a 12 to 6 vote, saying the veto-proof majority should encourage the County Executive to sign the ordinance.

“I encourage the County Executive to sign this legislation,” Bowen said. “The veto-proof majority is a victory for working people at the bottom of the economic ladder and will help improve the economy in Milwaukee County as we put more money in working people’s pockets rather than the highly paid positions in corporations we contract with.

“I appreciate my colleagues’ support, and I hope the County Executive will agree that it is time to move forward with this legislation. Today the County Board did the right thing. This measure is an important step on the road to lifting people out of poverty. Now is the time for the County Executive to step up and provide that boost to low-wage workers that will help them become part of the County’s economy.”

The living wage ordinance requires employers who contract with the County to pay their workers a minimum of $11.33 an hour. The ordinance ensures a living wage of 100 percent of the poverty line for a family of four. The measure also affects low-wage County workers.

“I want to invite the County Executive join me in supporting low-wage workers by signing the Living Wage Ordinance,” Bowen said. “The County Executive has publicly supported a minimum wage increase on the state level, yet it unlikely that the Republican controlled legislature will pass such a bill. The County Living Wage Ordinance is his opportunity to ensure that those who provide vital services for our County do not have to rely on public assistance to survive.”

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