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Attacking Planned Parenthood = Attacking Women

Make no mistake, when this legislature attacks PPWI, they are really attacking women’s ability to access life-saving health care...

By - Jan 27th, 2016 10:01 am

Last week, the Wisconsin Senate passed yet another bill, SB 238/AB 311, aimed at shutting down one of Wisconsin’s oldest, largest and most trusted women’s healthcare centers, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI). This most recent attack on women’s healthcare will make it more difficult and expensive for health centers to provide birth control and other prescription medication to Wisconsin’s women. This disastrous legislation creates a double standard among healthcare providers and treats the women they serve as second-class citizens.

Currently, the federal 340B reduced cost prescription drug program allows safety net healthcare providers, including PPWI, to administer prescription drugs at reduced prices with the goal of stretching resources, providing comprehensive services, and reaching the maximum number of patients who are in need. SB 238/AB 311 requires certain reproductive health centers to bill Medicaid for the actual acquisition costs and dispensing fees for prescription drugs.

Covered entities participating in the 340B program are expected to serve the most vulnerable patient populations. In Wisconsin, there are over 700 hospitals, clinics, hemophilia centers, and HIV/AIDS organizations that are 340B covered entities. Of those 700 hospitals and clinics, PPWI is the only health care provider who will experience a slash in reimbursement prices.

Republicans seem intent on attempting to shut down as many PPWI health centers as possible.  Already, since Governor Walker and legislative Republicans came to power, five rural PPWI health centers have closed.  These health centers did not provide abortions, as no public money can be used by either federal or state laws for abortions, but did provide preventive health care, including cervical and breast cancer screenings.  Despite the fact that ready access to these services saves lives and taxpayer dollars, no other providers have stepped in to provide this care.

Though Republicans attempted to fuel their obsession with shutting down Planned Parenthood with heavily edited and misleading videos released this summer, reality struck this week when a Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing and indicted the creators of the videos for paying money for fetal parts. In fact, officials in 10 other states have cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing and another 8 have declined to investigate due to a complete lack of evidence.

Every year in Wisconsin, community-based reproductive healthcare providers such as PPWI prevent 7,200 abortions, 21,200 unintended pregnancies, 1,500 new STI cases and 25 cervical cancer cases.  We should all agree that this is a good thing.  The legislature should be doing more to ensure these critical health care services are available, not putting obstacle after obstacle in the path of Wisconsin women who desperately need this care.

All Wisconsin women deserve access to affordable health care and the right to make their own personal, private decisions without politicians standing in the way.

Make no mistake, when this legislature attacks PPWI, they are really attacking women’s ability to access life-saving health care, to plan and space pregnancies, and to decide for themselves if and when they become parents.  At the end of the day this struggle over reproductive health care is really about women having the ability to control their own destiny, free from intrusive politicians who think they know better.

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6 thoughts on “Attacking Planned Parenthood = Attacking Women”

  1. AG says:

    I’d love to see a specific example showing where a PPWI office is located that no other 340B provider is available in the area.

  2. Rich says:

    AG, if you’ve got time to kill, you can search for all of them here:

    Plus, for everyone else, here’s some additional info:

  3. Al Lindro says:

    Rich, now cut that out. Propaganda must be cultivated and nourished. “Attacks” must be alleged less we fail to panic. And those pesky and unwanted facts are so disruptive to the free flow of imagined crises.

  4. Melissa Ortiz says:

    Abortion is not healthcare. It is the taking of a life. Planned Parenthood attacks women by preying on them when they are vulnerable. They do not tell women the truth…that it is the murder of a human being with a beating heart. They also do not share alternatives to abortion. That is a problem.

  5. Vincent Hanna says:

    Melissa did you write that from inside one of those pregnancy crisis centers that misrepresent themselves and tell vulnerable women that abortions give them cancer (which of course is not the truth)?

  6. A Bus Driver says:

    Hey Vincent, maybe Ms Melissa is not even female. Funny thing they claim to be right to lifers but, when those babies are born & need food ,clothing & shelter you can’t get any help from them. Oh, & let’s not mention that they consider them moochers of their tax dollars on welfare & food stamps you know drill.

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