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AFP Applauds State Legislature for Protecting Freedom of Speech

G.A.B and Campaign Finance Reforms Will Ensure Wisconsinites' Constitutional Rights Remain Protected

By - Nov 16th, 2015 05:05 pm

MADISON — Americans for Prosperity State Director Eric Bott released the following statement thanking the Wisconsin State Assembly for passing legislation that reforms campaign finance and the Government Accountability Board.

“Today legislators demonstrated tremendous courage, taking decisive action to protect our civil liberties,” said Eric Bott, state director of Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin. “Our 135,000 citizen activists across the state recognize their work and are grateful to those who did the right thing today.”


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One thought on “AFP Applauds State Legislature for Protecting Freedom of Speech”

  1. daniel golden says:

    Americans For Prosperity, a propaganda bullhorn financed by the Koch Brothers, approves yet another piece of legislation that dims the light of true democracy. Money is free speech, right up to the point where Charles and David Koch own all the bullhorns and drown out all other voices in the village square. Wisconsin now is the only state that allows coordination between political candidates and tax free issue advocacy groups. The tax free status of a 501 (c) 3 or 4 group will clearly be tainted by a political candidate controlling its actions, since political donations and expenditures have never been tax free. Robin Vos, bless his little woodpecker shaped head, claims that court decisions require this. On the contrary, no U. S. Supreme Court or Federal Court decisions say any such thing. Both Citizens United, and its predecessor, Buckley, make it clear in Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion, that allowing unlimited donations to tax free issue groups won’t corrupt the process, since it is illegal for them to coordinate with political candidates. This is all to Orwellian for comfort.

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