Guesthouse, Peter Barrickman

Starts at 2:00 PM on November 23rd, 2012
Cost: FREE
Exhibition: November 10th - December 16th, 2012
Reception: Saturday, November 10th: 6 - 9 pm

The Green Gallery is pleased to invite you to an exhibition of new artwork by Peter Barrickman. Presented paintings, collages, and drawings made mostly in the fall of this year stroll through themes of connecting with people from different times by way of objects both left behind and created today. This exhibition is a conversation Barrickman contributes to, responding to imagery, architecture, and sculpture by recomposing and reworking other's stories. The awkward silence of Jan Miense Molenaer’s ‘Family Scene’ yields to a crash of waves against the sinking hulk of the Royal Tar, all in plain view of a lone bar hopper who pauses tipsily on the stoop of a Tavern. In the words of the artist:

"The guesthouse is where unexpected travelers make their stop. Artists are guesthouses, temporarily housing the next thing..over and over. A 7th grade teacher once said to an eraser that one of the most painful things about losing loved ones was having them frozen in pictures wearing outdated fashions. The hats, muffs, nose jackets, rump-throws of today will inevitably mark us all as 'having participated'. The hand that reaches for the canary colored ear muffs is implicating itself in this moment. You trust your hand to take the right shirt for don’t give it much thought actually...

"Painting lives off of it’s own good problems. Imagine that all painting (from prehistoric to what kindergarteners made this morning) can fit on a huge round table...all mixed together. Some of it is large and some small and almost buried. We each have a chair at this table and can see all of the same things. When we make something ourselves we put it on this table..for anyone. 'Our paintings look like they could be friends' is more like 'It looks like painting is friends with itself'."

Please join us to view this exciting new body of work at the opening reception Saturday, November 10th form 6 - 9pm or throughout the run of the show: November 10th -December 16th, 2012.

hours: Th 4-8pm
Fr Sa Su 2-6pm