Building Info

  • Address:
    4620 S. 5th St.
  • Taxkey:
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $11,459,300 (2015)
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    66,300 sq-ft

Courtyard by Marriott hotel. 120 rooms, including nine suites.


Gas Piping.
Fire Suppression
~~Test smoke detector sensitivity
~~Clean/replace filters in exhaust hood
~~Test monitored fire alarm system annually
~~Test emergency lighting system and keep report
~~Provide approved storage of combustible materials
~~Fire doors must be closed at all times
~~Emergency illumination shall be provided for a minimum of 1 1/2 hours in the event of failure of normal lighting. Repair or replace defective emergency lights in the laundry room, the pool area and the hall to the air handler room. / 214-3, NFPA /
~~Emergency evacuation drills for employees shall be conducted quarterly on each shift and records shall be maintained and furnished to the fire code official for review on request. Records of required emergency evacuation drills shall include the following information: 1. Identity of the person conducting the drill 2. Date and time of drill 3.Staff members participating 4. Problems encountered. / 214-3, IFC 405.5 /
~~Fire Evacuation Plans. Update your document to reflect your procedures for the area of refuge on the 2nd floor west stairway. / 214-3, IFC 404.3.1 /

~~~~Provide a performance test report for pressure vb
~~~~Install an approved backflow protection device
~~~~Remove the valve on outlet side of vb
~~~~Install approved backflow preventer on hose faucet
~~Indoor Swimming Pool~~~~Provide labels & tags for piping & valves~~~~Electrically interlock chem feeder & recirc pumps~~~~Maintain chemical residuals as required~~~~Provide and maintain required first aid supplies~~~~Publicly post all required pool rules~~Whirlpool~~~~Maintain flowmeters, valves and gauges~~~~Maintain chemical residuals as required
~~Test smoke detector sensitivity
~~Provide approved fire extinguishers
~~Fire doors must be closed at all times. Remove illegal door hold-open devices from fire doors to 3rd & 4th floor linen storage rooms, laundry room, and water heater room. Remove obstruction immediately from laundry break room door. / 214-3 /
~~Required emergency evacuation drills shall be held quarterly on each shift for employees. Provide records of emergency evacuation drills which include the following: 1. Identity of the person conducting the drill 2. Date and time of the drill 3. Notification method used 4. Staff members on duty and participating 5. Number of occupants evacuated 6. Special conditions simulated 7. Problems encountered 8. Weather conditions when occupants were evacuated 9. Time required to accomplish complete evacuation / 214-3 /IFC 405 /
~~Provide a Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP) which includes a facility site plan designating the following: 1. Storage and use areas 2. Maximum amount of each material stored or used in each area 3. Range of container sizes 4. Location of emergency isolation and mitigation valves and devices 5. Product conveying piping containing liquids or gases, other than utility-owned fuel gas lines and low-pressure fuel gas lines 6.On and off positions of valves for valves that are of the self-indicating type 7. Storage
      Provide self-closing device for fire door
Indoor Swimming PoolRepair or replace defective flowmeterComplete monthly record on a daily basisClean spare strainer baskets or screens shall be available. Provide spare skimmer baskets. / DHS 172.11(2)(d) /Each ring buoy shall be attached to a 1/4 inch rope having a length not less than 1 1/2 times the maximum width of the pool or 50 feet, whichever is less. Attach the required length of rope to the ring buoy. / DHS 172.26(b)1 /Two durable blankets in good condition shall be available at each pool area. Replace the missing durable blanket. / DHS 172.27(1) /The first aid kit shall contain all of the following items: Gauze pads - 4" x 4", gauze pads - 8" x 10", scissors, gauze roller bandage, elastic bandage, resuscitation pocket face mask, and instant cold packs. Replace the missing items for the first aid kit. / DHS 172.27(1) /Biohazard safety equipment, including a blood and biohazard disposal kit shall be located at the first aid station or another location on the premises approved by the department. Provide biohazard safety equipment. / DHS 172.27(2) /All chemicals used in the operation and maintenance of pools, and bulk storage tanks containing the chemicals, shall be conspicuously labeled with the following information: (a) Name of the product. (b) The manufacturer's name and address. (c) Active ingredients. (d) ==Truncated==
Send cross-connection periodic test reportInstall approved backflow prot dev-no permit reqdProvide an approved air gap or break serving the