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10 Wisconsin Avenue Mini-Murals

Artist Mauricio Ramirez's murals on 10 Wisconsin Ave. utility boxes are complete. Take a look.

By - Jul 11th, 2017 04:35 pm
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Artist Mauricio Ramirez's murals on 10 Wisconsin Ave. utility boxes are complete. Take a look. Back to the full article.

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7 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: 10 Wisconsin Avenue Mini-Murals”

  1. Gary Rebholz says:

    Wow, saw him in the act of painting these while I was on a MCTS bus – you see all kinds of crazy stuff riding the bus 😉
    I hope he’ll be asked to do the same to improve the “Art Stop” installation of the bus shelter in Bay View. 8-(

  2. Begonia says:

    Is Mauricio Ramirez a Milwaukee resident? It would be great to do a profile on him. I’m curious to see more of his work!

  3. judith moriarty says:

    this artist would appear to deserve more than utility box art. how was this funded and what was the artist’s fee? years ago a local “art” maven consigned artist to “improve” trash cans…please, can’t we do better than this? I hope Tom Bamberger addresses this….

  4. steve Marcus says:

    Mauricio Ramirez work on the utility boxes is very special. A wonderful complement to Sculpture Milwaukee.

  5. Tom bamberger says:

    Actually I (Tom Bamberger) met the artist while shooting the sculpture project on Wisconsin Avenue. Nice guy who told me he wants to move to Milwaukee.

    And talented, he has a poppy style and is able to put a smile on anything he touches.

    I started writing about it and then Ramirez told me he is just illustrating themes and ideas that were given to him by his sponsor. You know, happy stories about Milwaukee. There is nothing wrong with that, someone has to do these things. It reminded me of when the church commissioned artists to tell their story, which being a Jew was not my story. So I dropped it.

  6. Tom bamberger says:

    PS. The idea of Modern Art, or rather art in the modern world, is the artists gets to tell their story or no story at all.

  7. Molly O says:

    Like it a lot.

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