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Friday Photos

The Deer District Rises

New arena, parking garage and training facility reshape Park East.

By - May 12th, 2017 05:40 pm
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New arena, parking garage and training facility reshape Park East. Back to the full article.

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7 thoughts on “Friday Photos: The Deer District Rises”

  1. MidnightSon says:

    Looking at photo #27, it’s exciting to visualize the other developments that will be in view in three years: The Couture, the hotel at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Center, the second NML tower, the BMO Harris tower, whatever goes on at the Journal Sentinel, and then whatever replaces the Bradley Center.

    Plus, whatever will be announced between now and then!

  2. Sam says:

    Do we have a name for the “Live Block”? Are you advocating for the “Deer District”?

  3. Jeramey Jannene says:

    @Sam – We do not. Deer District is one of the legal entities that forms the Bucks real estate arm (Head of the Herd being the other leading one).

  4. hereiam says:

    @Jeramey Deer District is an awesome name. I hope it sticks!

  5. MidnightSon says:

    OMG. “Deer District” would be an absolutely awful official name for the area. This is about much more than the Bucks. Also, Marquette basketball, other events, etc.

    I prefer simply, “Arena District.” And, the streetcar stop closest to the arena should simply be named, “Arena.”

    Let’s just hope the company that buys the naming rights doesn’t insist on slapping its own name on anything but the arena, itself. If so, my master plan will be ruined! 😉

  6. rootdown42 says:

    “Arena District”? Wow, that’s a real zinger you got there. I bet you also love cardigan sweaters and your favorite bread is white. “Deer District” is much cooler and unique reflection of Wisconsin itself.

  7. ThatGuy says:

    Personally I think Bradley Town would be cool. That family made a huge gift to the city that should not be forgotten even after the BC comes down

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