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Michelle Peterson

"Talent Acquisition" specialist sees potential for more commercial growth in Milwaukee.

By - Jul 23rd, 2013 09:46 am
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Michelle Peterson

Michelle Peterson

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and why did you choose to move here?
I grew up here.  I left for college in Madison but moved back to Milwaukee about seven years ago.  I’ve always been one to stay close to my roots so I always knew I would end up back in Milwaukee.  It’s just one of those cities that will draw you back, even if you leave.  You leave, you do your thing and you come home.  You quickly find out that nothing quite beats Milwaukee.

What about Milwaukee makes it a city you want to work, live and play in?
I love that Milwaukee is a “little” big city.  It has the feel of a large city with the heart of a small town.  It seems that everyone knows everyone and everyone is just happy to be here!  Milwaukee offers so much.  There are great places to go, great things to do, great companies to work for and great people to connect with.  I love calling Milwaukee home.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
It’s so hard to pick just one!  I would have to say that I do love Summer Solstice on North Avenue.  It’s a sign that summer in Milwaukee has officially started.  It’s awesome seeing everyone out and ready for action!

What is one thing you’d like to see change about Milwaukee?
I’d really like to see Milwaukee grow more commercially.  There’s so much business-related opportunity and space for new organizations and buildings in the downtown area.  This city has so much potential.

What do you do?
I work in Talent Acquisition for Associated Bank.  My colleagues are amazing and I feel really lucky to work with such a wonderful team.  I love working for a Wisconsin-based company and take full pride in being the official bank of the Brewers and the Packers.

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