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Scott Nielsen

After seven years out of state, Scott Nielsen came back to his favorite city for a job at Rexnord.

By - Mar 18th, 2013 01:41 pm
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Scott Nielsen

Scott Nielsen

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and why did you choose to move here?
After growing up in Milwaukee, I have spent the last seven years out of state: four years at school in Ohio and the last three beginning my career in Pittsburgh. In May 2012 I decided to move back to Milwaukee after realizing that this city has always been where I want to work and live. From its diverse and enjoyable activities, lakefront location, friendly people, and Midwestern values, Milwaukee is unique. Milwaukee gives you all the advantages of living in a big city with a small town feel.

What about Milwaukee makes it a city you want to work and play?
Milwaukee offers me an exciting work opportunity within a city where there are plenty of activities to enjoy as either a spectator or participant. Our solid Midwestern values and work ethic really fuel people to accomplish all they can and to take pride in their work and performance. You can feel this resonate in the air and that energy pushes me to work hard and realize my full potential. At the same time, we Milwaukeeans certainly know when it is time to play and can keep up with any city in the country. The combination of sports, arts and outdoor recreation in any one of our four unique seasons offers a nice variety and encourages you to get out and enjoy the city.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
By far my favorite Milwaukee event is Brewers opening day. No one knows how to tailgate like Brewers fans, and baseball, brats and the Brewers are a great Milwaukee tradition. Every opening day brings renewed hopes of a World Series to Milwaukee, and Miller Park is without question the best ballpark in the country. This excitement stretches beyond the Brewers as opening day unofficially kicks off the summer season in Milwaukee. With all the festivals, lakefront activities and fairs, there is plenty to keep you busy during the summer months.

What is one thing about Milwaukee you’d like to see change?
I would like to see Milwaukee recognized on a national level as a top city to live in with great opportunities for the best talent in the country. Having gone to college out of state, I have heard all the conversations about moving on after school to dream careers and dream cities and these never seemed to include Milwaukee. We need to promote Milwaukee as an exciting choice because of everything it offers both professionally and personally.

What do you do?
I work for Rexnord Corporation on their Corporate Development team. Our main function is to identify and analyze M&A candidates and execute these transactions.

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