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Shay Linkus

The Chef de Cuisine at Odd Duck says Milwaukee's restaurants have much friendlier relationships than in other cities.

By - Jan 21st, 2013 01:40 pm
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Shay Linkus Feature

Shay Linkus Feature

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and why did you choose to move here?
I’ve lived here for about 5 years. I decided to move here when I was considering moving to Berlin. I had a little too much fun in New York and broke the bank, but luckily a good friend of mine lived here so I decided to check it out and here I am.

What about Milwaukee makes it a place you want to work and play?
I like the laid-back approach that you’re able to take here. Being so close to so many awesome farms and cheese makers is pretty amazing. The bartenders around here deserve a round of applause as well. Most important is the connections and friendships between restaurants here. Other cities really don’t have that.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
My favorite Milwaukee event is Chill on the Hill and Sunday Bike Polo at Washington Park.

What is one thing about Milwaukee you’d like to see change?
We need more ethnic restaurants and do something about the eyesore that is Jones Island.

What do you do?
If I’m not at work as the Chef de Cuisine at Odd Duck, I spend all of my time eating food that will eventually kill me and spending time with my amazing wife and child.

  • Maggie Bryde

    Maggie Bryde

    "In five years, I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have to convince people how great this city is – it will just be undeniable."

  • Jason Klein

    Jason Klein

    "Milwaukee is one of the next great up-and-coming cities."

  • Ashley Haag

    Ashley Haag

    "Be the change you want to see!"

  • Greg Matzek

    Greg Matzek

    "Five years from now, Milwaukee will have a state of the art facility for the Milwaukee Bucks just north of the current Bradley Center."

  • Laure Gelis-Diaz

    Laure Gelis-Diaz

    "Coming from Paris, France, I used to walk EVERYWHERE…"

  • Laura Gramann

    Laura Gramann

    "Milwaukee is walkable, which allows for heads to turn up and gaze at a plethora of structures donning beautiful architecture."

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