State Rep. Jimmy Anderson
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The Workforce of the Future Needs our Support

"The potential for Wisconsin is limitless but it requires us to invest in each other and our future."

By - Oct 12th, 2017 03:36 pm

Madison – Today the Assembly Committee on Science and Technology heard testimony from biotechnology firms and researchers to highlight their breakthroughs and what Wisconsin can do to support this thriving industry.

“Wisconsin has an amazing opportunity to become the biotech leader of the Midwest and to organically create thousands of real careers for the people of our state. But first, its workforce must be empowered and provided the technical skills and training necessary to be competitive in this marketplace. To spur these high paying, transformative jobs we must invest in our UW system, our technical colleges, and help relieve Wisconsinites of the burdens of student debt. The potential for Wisconsin is limitless but it requires us to invest in each other and our future.”

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