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State and Federal Democrats fight to defend internet access

Republicans sell out internet consumers

By - May 9th, 2018 10:16 am

MADISON, WI – At a time when Wisconsin is ranked 49th for internet speed and over 230,000 residents don’t have wired internet providers, Wisconsin Senate Democrats have fought to restore net neutrality rules that prevent internet service providers from deciding what consumers see online. Internet consumers could end up paying higher prices for fewer choices under the Trump Administration plan to scrap net neutrality protections.

“For communities, access to broadband is crucial to their success and eliminating these protections will be detrimental for those already struggling to access affordable internet,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “Every Wisconsin citizen, business and community relies on broadband to support economic growth. This is another example of Republicans siding with big corporations at the expense of working families.”

Despite Republican efforts to rollback net neutrality protections, U.S. Senate Democrats are pushing for a Congressional Review Act Resolution to restore President Obama’s reform that requires internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally. At the state level, Republican lawmakers blocked several Democratic proposals to protect an individual’s internet privacy.

“It is disappointing that Republicans would prevent consumers from having the final say in how their personal information and internet data is shared,” said Shilling. “These safeguards would have protected Wisconsin families and prevented out-of-state corporations from profiting off big data collection and invasive internet surveillance.”

Wisconsin Democrats want to invest in broadband projects that can help close the digital divide, create new jobs and open up small communities to an abundance of new opportunities.

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