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Rep. Stuck Again Calls on Congressman Mike Gallagher to Stand with Northeast Wisconsin against the Ryan/Trump Healthcare Plan

"The newest healthcare plan put forward by Speaker Ryan, Republican Congressional Leaders and approved by President Trump is anything but affordable..."

By - May 4th, 2017 10:28 am

MADISON – State Representative Amanda Stuck stands with residents of the 8th Congressional District and once again calls on Congressman Mike Gallagher to vote against the Ryan/Trump debacle of a healthcare plan.

“The newest healthcare plan put forward by Speaker Ryan, Republican Congressional Leaders and approved by President Trump is anything but affordable, it will increase healthcare costs for my constituents in Appleton and for people across northeast Wisconsin. This proposal will hit people with pre-existing conditions particularly hard, a group protected by the pivotal protections in the Affordable Care Act.”

“Despite what I am sure are many calls in opposition, and what would have been hundreds at town hall meetings (if Congressman Gallagher had held public meetings with his constituents) to the Republican Healthcare Plan from residents across northeast Wisconsin, my Congressman, Mike Gallagher won’t even tell the press how he intends to vote on the bill. During the last push by Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Congressman Gallagher never told his constituents how he would vote on the bill and didn’t say anything publicly until after the vote was scheduled.”

“I hope that Congressman Gallagher will have the backbone to stand with his constituents in opposition to this terrible legislation which will hurt our country, our state, and northeast Wisconsin. Northeast Wisconsin deserves representatives who at the very least aren’t afraid to tell their constituents how they stand on bills before them. Unfortunately it seems that Congressman Gallagher is unwilling to even do that.”

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