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Public Works Committee signs off on measure to staff parking ramps fulltime

News release from Alderman Robert Bauman

By - Sep 10th, 2014 03:43 pm

Milwaukee’s four city-owned parking structures would each be required to keep at least one attendant on premises at all times they are in operation, under legislation approved Wednesday by the Common Council’s Public Works Committee.

The city owns the parking structures, but contracts out their management, and the legislation specifies that management firms would be required to pay parking attendants a living wage of $10.10 per hour in accordance with the city’s Service Contract Wage Requirements ordinance. Alderman Robert Bauman, the committee chair and author of the legislation, said maintaining a 24-hour-a-day human presence in the parking ramps will increase customer satisfaction and bolster public safety.

“Right now, we’re basically leaving the users of our parking ramps to fend for themselves half the time,” Alderman Bauman said. “My constituents tell me, and I know from personal experience, how frustrating it can be to get stuck in one of these parking structures in the middle of the night because the machine ate your credit card or because it won’t take your cash. By requiring 24-hour-a-day attendants who are paid a living wage, we can demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction while supporting good, family-supporting jobs for those who need them most.”

The Public Works Committee approved the measure without objection.

Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. and Alderman Willie C. Wade are co-sponsors. The files may now be approved at the next meeting of the full Common Council on September 23.

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