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One Week Later: Dana Wachs challenges Gov. Walker’s use of taxpayer money to benefit campaign supporters

"Gov. Walker’s re-election announcements were a slap in the face to Wisconsin taxpayers."

By - Nov 13th, 2017 01:56 pm

EAU CLAIRE – One week after Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign tour, Dana Wachs criticized Walker’s willingness to use taxpayer money for handouts designed to benefit his campaign supporters. Walker held a series of campaign events last week at companies who received sweetheart tax deals through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, including:

  • McDonough Manufacturing, which received $320,000 for Retention Investment,
  • Schuette Inc, which received $5.76 million for Industrial Revenue Bonding;
  • Polyfab Corp., which received a $300,000 Jobs Tax Credit; and
  • Die Makers Manufacturing Corp. which received a $231,000 tax credit.

This week, Dana Wachs spoke out again against Walker’s use of taxpayer money to benefit special interests by saying:

“Gov. Walker’s re-election announcements were a slap in the face to Wisconsin taxpayers. Walker campaigned at the very same companies who got large tax giveaways from his administration. The taxpayers of Wisconsin shouldn’t have to foot the bill for Walker’s re-election campaign.

“Walker must spend a little too much time with his wealthy donors because he doesn’t seem to understand the reality folks in our state are facing. The typical family in Wisconsin makes a little more than $53,000 a year while families in Minnesota are making more than $61,000 a year. To the wealthy special interests that Walker spends his time with, that may not sound like a big deal. But to a parent working hard to keep food on the table, that can make all the difference.

“We’re in this position because Walker has done everything in his power to lower wages, strip workers of the right to collective bargaining, and has given millions of taxpayer money away to the same folks who host his campaign events. It’s gross and it is irresponsible.”

Dana Wachs also echoed the frustrations of fellow Wisconsinites last week following the news that Walker’s campaign treasurer was awarded a $35,000 contract to raise money for a fancy capitol party for politicians. Walker’s campaign treasurer’s company won the contract after a bid process of only 12 days.

“The state treasury is not Walker’s personal piggy bank. The time of Walker rigging the system for his buddies to get our tax dollars is over. Walker needs to go,” Wachs said.

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