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Alderman Johnson thanks Milwaukee Bucks for their investment in our city

Statement of Alderman Cavalier Johnson - September 20, 2017

By - Sep 20th, 2017 03:40 pm
Inside the New Bucks Arena. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

Inside the New Bucks Arena. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks appeared before the Zoning, Neighborhoods & Development Committee. Representatives from the Bucks delivered the first and second quarter 2017 reports regarding the Small Business Enterprise and Residents Preference Program (RPP) participation for the Deer District Arena Development. I speak for all of our residents when I say I am pleased the Deer District is on pace to exceed hiring goals for the RPP and Small Business Enterprise.

The Milwaukee Bucks are investing in the heart of our city by meeting their commitments to employ small businesses and workers from Milwaukee, while paying these workers a prevailing wage. The impact goes beyond District 2 and impacts the entire city. The Bucks have set a positive precedent for future construction projects to continue building a bright future for the City of Milwaukee. We need legislators in Madison to stand up for working class families, residents and veterans by supporting prevailing wage legislation. I am grateful the Milwaukee Bucks are demonstrating their commitment to our community, and proving that they are a valued corporate citizen in our community. As an alderman of Milwaukee, I want to thank the Bucks for supporting our neighborhoods.

Additionally, the Residents Preference Program and Small Business Enterprise participation are essential to ensuring the residents of our communities have access to meaningful labor opportunities in our city.

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