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Alderman Donovan to Mayor: Start paying attention to Milwaukee

How did the first moments of my first day of vacation begin (today)?

By - Aug 13th, 2012 05:36 pm

How did the first moments of my first day of vacation begin (today)?

I was confronted by a concerned constituent who was attacked and robbed near S. 39th St. and W. National Ave. on the way home from the State Fair this past weekend.

After that, I learned of a sex offender who has been dumped in my district. The sex offender is from Green Bay, but because Green Bay apparently doesn’t let offenders be so easily relocated there, he gets dumped here in Milwaukee, where our mayor apparently either is not aware of this practice or simply doesn’t care.

Next on my morning’s docket: reports of drug dealing and of a drug dealer who has set up shop in an apartment building (scaring the daylights out of other law-abiding tenants). Our city has seen a huge uptick in drug activity, according to sources I trust, and that is yet another item for us to be very concerned about.

The topper, however, happened while I was outside a restaurant in my district just before 9 a.m. A passerby who was smoking a joint came up to me and asked me for my lighter! Needless to say I declined the request.

All of this while our mayor is in Ohio campaigning for Barack Obama. I think the mayor should come back to Milwaukee and start doing his job!

Where is his vision or plan to deal with our public safety challenges?

Where is his vision or plan to deal with our crumbling infrastructure?

Where is his vision or plan for restoring our failing public schools?

Milwaukee needs a mayor to serve this city and to do the job that needs to be done. As far as I’m concerned, the Mayor of Milwaukee should be more than just a party hack who appears content to be a placeholder until he can attain some higher office. It’s clear to me that our current incumbent in the Mayor’s Office is a complete failure.

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