2008-11 Vital Source Mag – November 2008

  • The Daly News

    World history and personal history collide in this charming musical about the lives of a Milwaukee family during World War II. During the war, Martin and “Schatzie” Daly had five children– four sons and a daughter.  All four sons enlisted in the military, and the daughter married a military man. The family was scattered around […]

  • Madama Butterfly

    Opera is the grandest spectacle on the stage, and the Florentine takes this to heart as it opens its 75th season with Madama Butterfly. The production is a work of sumptuous indulgence, from the set to the costumes to the layers of music. Puccini’s story is set in an idyllic estate near Nagasaki in Japan. […]

  • Murderers

    Riddle Key, FL is home to a retirement community that offers only exorbitant five year leases to its willing and unwilling residents. In a populace that expects and on occasion even hurries to usher in death, two residents and one administrative office worker each unravel their stories independently of each other. Each unmasks their status […]

  • Fall back into derby

    After missing much of the off season, the old Krulos is back to report on the Bruisers. I’ve teamed up with our fine friends and roller derby fans at Vital Source magazine to bring you the good Derby word every month, so check back for post-bout recaps, commentary and maybe even some video action. You […]

  • Show People

    What would you give to your art? Would you mortgage your house? Max out your credit cards? Make promises you couldn’t keep? Show People shows what one actor will do to produce his ultimate production, performed solely for his own benefit. Tom (Brian Richards) hires married acting duo Jerry and Marnie (played by Randall T. […]

  • Six Characters in Search of an Author

    By Jenna Raymond What happens to our thoughts and hopes, and our dreams and personas? They live only as intangible wisps until we act on them, give them flesh or write them down. More often they wither and gasp until we forget them. Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello wrote Six Characters in Search of an Author […]


    So many Activities

    By A.L. Herzog “…A record can be made anywhere and by anyone,” says Riles Walsh. “I could hit five recording studios with an old mop from my porch.” Best known as the vocals, guitars, and keys at the forefront of grandiose folk act The Candliers, Riles Walsh – who’s maybe cheeky, or maybe just far-out […]


    The tour’s the thing

    By Dan Agacki     With gas prices hovering around $4 per gallon, my band, Bored Straight, decided it was high time to throw some money away. None of us had ever toured before, so contacts were sparse. Half of the shows we booked came to us within a week of leaving. No one knew […]

  • Have A Seat

    By Peggy Sue Dunigan “Sitting on chairs upholstered with stars,’’ a quote from Milwaukee’s Poet Laureate Susan Firer used in one of the evening’s dance presentations, describes the Danceworks production Have a Seat featured this past weekend. Five numbers choreographed with chairs and overseen by Guest Artistic Director Janet Lilly cohesively define the performance. This […]

  • Greater Tuna

    By Peggy Sue Dunigan It’s the small rural town of Tuna, Texas circa 1986– where inhabitants find that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet demonstrates rampant disrespect for parental authority. Taking this trip to Texas, the Rep’s Stackner Cabaret opened the production Greater Tuna this weekend and presented one third of the Tuna Trilogy’s engaging satire written […]

  • Eurydice

    By Ryan Findley How much of the grief we suffer in life is because we can remember what came before? After all, a loss isn’t a loss unless you remember that you’ve lost something. The Milwaukee Repertory Theater stages a contemporary re-telling of the Orpheus myth by Pulitzer prize nominee and MacArthur Foundation grant-winner Sarah […]

  • The God Committee

    By Peggy Sue Dunigan What is a day of life worth? This question becomes the focus for Acacia Theatre Company’s opening production, The God Committee. The ninety-minute, no-intermission script by Mark St. Germain tackles complex ethical and moral questions regarding organ transplant– specifically heart transplants– together with a host of underlying health care issues critical […]