2004-10 Vital Source Mag – October 2004

  • Some Sage Advice for John Kerry

    By Donald Kaul Let’s face it, fellow liberals: Commander Kerry’s swift boat isn’t looking too swift these days. The shore is lined with people shouting advice to him: “Be tougher! Be more positive! Defend yourself faster! Don’t defend, attack! Don’t talk about so many issues! Broaden your agenda!” Good advice all, but easier to give […]

  • Ghost In The Shell 2



  • The Marlboro Man Ponies Up to Both Parties

    By Adrian Zupp Tobacco giant Philip Morris/Altria put on its political party clothes recently, but it may soon be dressing for a wake. Under fire from the Department of Justice and facing the imminent implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the folks who gave the world the Marlboro Man and all the […]

  • The Motorcycle Diaries


  • The Monitor

    Technology For All of Us

    By Lightburn Designs In 1998, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota, in one of the biggest political upsets of the late twentieth century. At the beginning of the race, Ventura had star power (as a long-time WWF mainstay), a simple, powerful anti-establishment rallying cry – No More Politics As Usual! – which […]

  • Jeremy Rottgen Sneaks Backstage with the Misfits

    By Jeremy M. Rottgen We used to cruise around in my friend’s car before and after school, listening to the Misfits before and after school. Yelling at the top of our lungs to every song was a cleansing experience after a long, institutionalized day. In 1998, the Misfits consisted of founding bass player Jerry Only […]

  • True Artists

    By Tom Smith Vera Deirdre has been lurking around Milwaukee for the last two years, dreaming up sonic reliefs of slow sad redemption with the deep, mournful clarinets of Daniel Fischer setting up the soaring catharsis of Rebecca Schoenecker’s sweet, melodic vocals. It’s a moving contrast. What’s special about this group is that they are […]

  • Liberal to Progressive

    By John Hughes We live in a time when our country is becoming increasingly conservative, or at least anti-liberal. As I noted in a previous Wayward Son, 40 percent of the citizenry now identify themselves as conservative, versus 19 percent who call themselves liberal. And the reality is so much more than statistical; an acquaintance […]

  • Sally Timms

    By Erin Wolf Touch and Gowww.tgrec.com Those familiar with Sally Timms’ work with the Mekons know her as an artist of creativity and charm, with a voice as sireny and sweet as a lullaby. Influenced by the Mekons’ drift into alt-country or “cow-punk,” Timms offers a genuineness to her solo efforts that is often lost […]

  • October 2004

    Dear Readers, An oft-discussed but little understood theory of Albert Einstein’s is that of length contraction, in which a decrease in length is experienced by objects traveling at a substantial fraction of the speed of light (at least 10� but only in the direction in which the object is traveling. Extended, this theory applies to […]

  • American Music Club

    By Erin Wolf Merge Records www.mergerecords.com It’s official: American Music Club frontman Mark Eitzel now reclaims the Bleeding-Heart title for writing cutting and honest lyrics. Even under the long shadow of his Rolling Stone-bestowed designation of “Best Songwriter,” he helps to create an AMC album (the first since the band’s breakup in 1995) filled with […]

  • October 2004

    Families on the edge? Having read your article “Brave New Family” in your September issue, I can’t help but think you are missing out on one important aspect in the work-family-money triad. Authors Willow and Tomaszek spoke of the difficult choices parents need to make when it comes to working and raising families, and of […]