2003-11 Vital Source Mag – November 2003

  • Pretty Girls Make Graves

    PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES The New Romance Matador In a ranking of best current band names, Pretty Girls Make Graves (also the best use, period, of a Smiths song title) would have to be up there with … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, but it proves to be a misdirection […]

  • Cheap Trick

    By Rob McCuen CHEAP TRICK Special One Big 3 Records Mention Cheap Trick in some circles and brace yourself for the smug salvos that are sure to be flung your way. What can I tell the clueless dorks who think the Trick are an old and tired joke? Special One, Cheap’s first offering in six […]

  • Commentary

    All Arabs are the Same

    By Frizell Bailey Recently, Mhammad Abu-Shawish, local business owner and former Director of Arabian World Fest, was indicted on charges of conspiracy, visa fraud and the misappropriation of $75,000 in federal block grants. For members of Milwaukee’s Arab American community, this is most certainly another blow to their battered public image. People of Arab/Middle Eastern […]

  • The Namesake


  • Reunion


  • Bucketworks [Poietis Factorium Maximus]

    By The Uncultured Bacterium After wandering the parking lot, you settle on the only nearby entrance — a side door with no sign on it. Inside, you look over what seems to be the loading dock of a warehouse that goes a long way back. On the way in, you say hello to the guard […]

  • Alien – The Director’s Cut


  • In Search of An Agenda

    By John Hughes In February of next year, the people of Milwaukee will elect a new Mayor to preside over our city in what promises to be an era of accelerating change. With the role of leadership more crucial than ever, the agenda set during this election, which will frame the debate among voters, is […]

  • Pieces of April


  • Eat, Drink, and Be… Healthy?

    By Jan Wolfenberg With the holiday season fast approaching, thoughts are turning to festive foods and yummy treats. So often we think that foods that are fun, festive and delicious can’t also be healthy. Not true! Many people incorrectly assume that healthy eating is, by definition, low fat eating. My definition of a healthy food […]

  • Laura Martin knows

    music is love.

    By Laura Martin Music is love. Not a very popular David Crosby song, but an excellent summation of what music is to me. Everyone has those bands that they turn to in order to ease the pain of life or to celebrate the joy. For me, CSN&Y is such a band. A few years back, […]

  • (Not Just) Another Bar on Water Street

    By Raymond Johnson A new building is under construction on Water Street, and Milwaukeeans interested in contemporary design should smile. Mike Goldberg is developing a narrow slot of land at 1129-1131 N. Water St. into a restaurant/lounge named Terrace Bar to be operated by Nick Howell, founder of Cush and owner of Sauce. After running […]