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  • 12 hours, 12 performances, a once in a lifetime show

    RedLine Milwaukee's 12/12/12 event features 12 performance art pieces from every end of the medium's broad spectrum, stretched to fill a half day.

  • Night Of The Living Dead

    The Puppet Show

    We bring you an audio and video recap of the Angry Young Men, Ltd. and MUTES production at the Oriental Theater on this All Hallows' Eve.

  • A sneak preview of Haunted History Tours

    Riverside Theater

    Ghost hunter (and well-known theater figure) Susan Fry and ghost victim (and long-time employee) Jason Gierl walk us through dark and spooky hallways.


    Sex, Violence and Pop Music

    In pop music, is overt female sexuality a form of empowerment, or is it undoing decades worth of work in women's movement? Today, Prof. Gillian Rodger and I start the conversation.

  • “Childhood Revisited” puts nostalgia on display

    Local artists pay homage to the things that inspired them as children, reinterpreting the pop culture of their youth through art and adult perspective.


    Milwaukee is a funny place

    And it's about to get a whole lot funnier. The Milwaukee Comedy Festival kicks off August 4, featuring some of the best stand up, sketch and improv this city (and beyond) has to offer.

  • Sketches from the Machine Gun Concerto at Translator Lab

    Local musicians perform sections of Mark Mantel's "Machine Gun Concerto," merging the structure of chamber music with chaotic and destructive themes of war.


    Live action superheroes dominating a theatre near you

    In 2011 alone, 12 comic book adaptations are slated to debut on the big screen. This week, comic connoisseur John Steib explores comic book history and the super hero phenomenon.


    Whatever happened to the Comedy Stage?

    In its heyday, Summerfest's now-defunct Comedy Pavilion hosted some of the country's best comedians. Former stage manager David 'Punky' Wastak reminisces on the good old days.

  • Orderly Disorder Zine Tour stops in Milwaukee

    The Fly Away Zine Mobile wraps up its nationwide tour in Milwaukee, bringing with it a group of zinester librarians to read, explore and promote alternative media.

  • A sisterhood of comedians takes aim at a new target


    The women of Broadminded Comedy bring their family's foibles on stage for (well-intentioned) laughs.

  • Milwaukee Mijas

    Unite, Create, Rise

    The Mijas mix culture, art and an effervescent approach to topics of racial and gender identity, creating a collective that’s as capable of promoting change as it is having fun.