Building Info

  • Address:
    505 W. Juneau Ave.
  • Taxkey:
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $217,000 (2015)
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    5,000 sq-ft

Now demolished building on the site was long occupied by Kissinger’s Meats. The site for years was the only building in the immediate area with parking lots or empty lots bordering it on every side. This unique location, in the footprint of the proposed new arena (now Fiserv Forum) gave the owners substantial leverage in selling their land.

Walter and Franceen Heimerl were able to sell the building for $2.5 million to Deer District LLC, the Milwaukee Bucks development group, despite it being assessed for only $217,000. The sale happened on July 1st, 2015.


ROW Excavation Utility.

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