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Milwaukee Volunteers: Javin Smith Is An Overachiever
Milwaukee Volunteers

Javin Smith Is An Overachiever

The 17-year-old youth volunteer has done work for three different non-profits

Milwaukee Volunteers: Bill Bravener Loves Working With Kids
Milwaukee Volunteers

Bill Bravener Loves Working With Kids

“They are so accepting of each other, no matter the developmental ability or ethnicity.”

Volunteer Of the Month: Sandy LaFave
Volunteer Of the Month

Sandy LaFave

“It’s amazing how many people have a personal story to share about Alzheimer’s.”

Volunteers of the Month: John and Cindy Kaczmarowski
Volunteers of the Month

John and Cindy Kaczmarowski

“People seem amazed we give of our time without pay. We’re surprised more people don’t do it.”

Volunteer of the Month: Bobbi Timberlake
Volunteer of the Month

Bobbi Timberlake

“Becoming a therapy dog handler has been an exciting adventure for me.”

Volunteer of the Month: Serbata Tarrer
Volunteer of the Month

Serbata Tarrer

“What surprised me is how social it is; I meet new people all the time.”

Volunteer of the Month: Ginny Kannenberg
Volunteer of the Month

Ginny Kannenberg

“My biggest thrill is to see a young women become empowered.”