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Your Guide to Down Ballot Races

Trump versus Biden isn't the only ballot item. Here's information on 13 other races across the county

By - Nov 2nd, 2020 03:19 pm
Voters wait in a long line at Hamilton High School. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Voters wait in a long line at Hamilton High School. File photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Election Day 2020. It’s finally upon on, as countless election mailers, billboards, text messages and television commercials have told you.

While it’s likely that a majority of Milwaukee voters, 162,128 and counting, will vote absentee, over 100,000 people could head to the polls on election day, Tuesday, November 3rd.

While the majority of the attention is on a top-of-the-ticket race for President, Milwaukee voters will find a number of other races on their ballot.

Included on every ballot is a race for a seat in the United States House of Representatives and the Wisconsin State Assembly. Some voters will find races for seats in the Wisconsin State Senate.

We’ve included information on each of those candidates in our endorsement-free candidate guide.

A host of incumbents, including Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and County Clerk George L. Christenson, face no challengers and are not profiled in our election preview. They will appear on the ballot with no challenger.

The state’s My Vote WI website provides information on where to vote and what’s on your specific ballot.

Voters still in possession of absentee ballots may return them to one of the city’s 15 drop boxes through 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Absentee ballots in the City of Milwaukee cannot be returned to a voter’s polling place.

Representative in Congress – District 4

Gwen Moore.

Gwen Moore.

Gwen Moore – Democratic

The first African-American woman in Wisconsin history to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congresswoman Gwen Moore took her official oath of office on January 4, 2005. In March of 2019, Congresswoman Moore was named Co-Chair for the 2020 Democratic National Convention in her hometown of Milwaukee. In April of 2019, Congresswoman Moore was appointed Regional Vice-Chair for the DCCC by Chairwoman Cheri Bustos. Prior to 2019, Congresswoman Moore was elected Democratic Co-Chair of the Congressional Women’s Caucus by her fellow female colleagues. She served as Democratic Vice Chair from 2009 to 2011.

In her committee work, Congresswoman Moore is a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. It is the oldest committee of the United States Congress and is the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives. Prior to joining the House Ways & Means Committee, Congresswoman Moore was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services and the House Committee on Budget. Prior to serving on Ways and Means, she served on House Committee on Financial Services.

Tim Rogers. Photo from the candidate.

Tim Rogers. Photo from the candidate.

Tim Rogers – Republican

Milwaukee is where I was born and raised, where I work, and have a family.

I graduated from North Division High School in 1978 and went on to study at UW-Parkside and MATC. My father and uncle owned Rogers and Rogers Soul Brothers Supermarket, a grocery store on the north side

Running for political office is not how I normally spend my free time. I have worked for almost 30 years delivering gift baskets and newspapers for two local businesses. Outside of work, I spend my time volunteering in my community and participating in the All Saints Catholic Choir and MPS Alumni Choir.

State Senator – District 6

Alciro Deacon. Photo from the candidate.

Alciro Deacon. Photo from the candidate.

Alciro Deacon – Republican

Alciro (Pronounced AL-KY-ROH) Deacon is a 33-year-old Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since the Age of 22, he has been a committed husband to his wonderful wife of 11 years. He is a proud father of four beautiful children and is humbled to have been recognized as Father of the Year by the Milwaukee Black Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

A native Milwaukeean, Alciro was born in District 6, raised in an impoverished area of District 6, Attended K4- 5th Grade at Siefert Elementary School (District 6), attended Central United Methodist Church (District 6) from birth until the age of 18, worked one of his first jobs at the Bradley Center (District 6), and looks to be the first Black Republican, as well as one of the youngest ever to represent District 6 in Wisconsin’s 172 year history!

Alciro has served on and advised numerous community committees and councils. Early in his career, he worked as a Lead Fatherhood Advocate where he trained staff and taught Fatherhood, Anger Management, Healthy Relationships, Job Placement, etc. to men and women in the community, jail, and prison systems. He then worked and organized with Milwaukee Public Schools to troubleshoot student and family issues by working with the school principals, social workers, students, teachers, parents, and staff appointed by one of the Regional Superintendents at the time. After that, Alciro brought his talents to the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board. As a Reentry Coordinator, he developed one of the first Jail based American Job Centers in the Nation at the Milwaukee County House of Correction (Now called The Empowerment Center). The Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board then utilized his talents further and appointed him to be a Workforce Specialist in order to bridge the divide between the supply and demand sides of Milwaukee County’s economy. Alciro currently serves as a Program and Policy Analyst- Advanced/Contract Administrator for the State of Wisconsin conjointly overseeing both a multimillion-dollar budget and contracts for a plethora of nonprofit agencies.

Alciro knows that for Milwaukee to truly thrive, it is going to take bold leadership in the face of adversity and someone who will bring SOLUTIONS and not just ideas. As of today, there are no Black men in the State Senate, and furthermore, there are no Black Republicans working in this legislature! This is what Alciro calls BOLD leadership. Ready, able and willing to get things done. As a big picture thinker, Alciro looks to not only address issues of today, but proposes innovative solutions to issues that will shift this generation and generations to come—to health, prosperity, safety and more.

LaTonya Johnson. Photo from the candidate.

LaTonya Johnson. Photo from the candidate.

LaTonya Johnson – Democratic

State Senator LaTonya Johnson represents the 6th Senate District located on Milwaukee’s northwest side. She was previously elected to the State Assembly in 2012 and re-elected in 2014 for a second term. Six months after being elected to the State Assembly she was elected Chair of the Milwaukee Delegation. Senator Johnson served in this capacity until February 2014.

Senator Johnson graduated from Bay View High School in 1990 and Tennessee State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to being elected to the State Legislature, Senator Johnson owned and operated an in-home family childcare center for over 10 years. Her experience as a small business owner makes her uniquely qualified to understand the needs and challenges facing Wisconsin’s businesses.

In 2006, Senator Johnson helped organize over 400 childcare owners as a volunteer member organizer for the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). Establishing Milwaukee’s first childcare union, she was elected President of AFSCME Local 502 Milwaukee Childcare Providers Together and Vice President of AFSCME District Council 48. She remains an active dues-paying member. Senator Johnson is also a member of Emerge Wisconsin, class of 2012.

Senator Johnson is a fierce advocate for Wisconsin’s working and low-income families. As a member of the budget-writing Joint Committee on Finance, Senator Johnson works hard to make sure that our community sees its fair share of state investments.

State Senator – District 8

Alberta Darling. Photo from the candidate.

Alberta Darling. Photo from the candidate.

Alberta Darling – Republican

Alberta Darling represents Wisconsin’s 8th Senate District and is a resident of River Hills. Alberta has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

A former teacher, Senator Darling entered public service with a commitment to protecting, educating, and improving the lives of children.

Senator Darling serves as the Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Finance, the state’s budget-writing committee. She has held the title of Co-Chair longer than any other woman in Wisconsin history. She also serves as Vice-Chair of the Senate Education Committee.

Milwaukee Magazine named Senator Darling one of the Most Influential People in Milwaukee. The magazine declared her as “arguably the most powerful woman in state government.”

Neal Plotkin. Photo courtesy of Plotkin for Senate.

Neal Plotkin. Photo courtesy of Plotkin for Senate.

Neal Plotkin – Democratic

My parents were both first generation Americans. Their families were European immigrant Jews, growing up poor in the Great Depression. My father served in the Army Air Force in World War II, and got his High School diploma, at what is now MATC, post-war, on the GI Bill.  My mother was one of ten children in a poor Orthodox Jewish family. Her father was a produce peddler. From my parents, I learned the values which have defined my life – hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.

Born and raised on Milwaukee’s northwest side, I attended Milwaukee Public Schools from K-12th grade, graduating from John Marshall High School. From there I enrolled in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Working my way through college, sometimes with two jobs, I would graduate cum laude, with dual Honors Majors in Political Science and American History. With my degree, I become the first college graduate in my family.

I’ve been married to my wife Nancy for 40 years. She is a Registered Nurse for 35 years, with degrees from MATC and Cardinal Stritch. She began nursing school three weeks after our wedding. We have three wonderful children – Matthew, Jana, and Jessica, and four grandchildren. Nancy and I reside in Glendale, where we’ve been homeowners since 1981.

Since graduating college, I’ve had a business career of 40 years in sales and marketing, primarily to the local small business community. This includes 24 years as a successful small business sales agency owner in southeastern Wisconsin. As a small business owner operating through the booms and busts of our economy, I’ve maintained success by working hard and making fiscally smart decisions.

Most recently, I have decided to serve my community by becoming a substitute High School teacher over the past two years, primarily at Nicolet High School in Glendale. Working with our next generation of leaders has been among my greatest honors. I’ve also worked extensively with those with the greatest needs, in the Special Education Department.

State Senator – District 28

Julian Bradley. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Julian Bradley.

Julian Bradley. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Julian Bradley.

Julian Bradley – Republican

In 2002, Julian had a conversation with his mom, a lifelong democrat, that changed everything. While debating the subject of abortion, she accused Julian of being a Republican, which led him to research the party platforms. It turned out his mom was right – and Julian joined the Republican Party that day.

Like many conservatives, Julian first got involved by making phone calls and knocking on doors. His fellow grassroots Republicans expressed their confidence in his abilities by voting him into positions of leadership. He served as a county chairman, a district vice-chairman, and, in 2015, as chairman of the Republican State Convention. In these roles, Julian has worked to elect conservative candidates by raising money, organizing events, and advocating for the party grassroots on the Republican State Executive Committee.

Julian grew up in a working-class family where he learned the value of a dollar at a young age by landscaping and working a paper route. After graduating from Central High School in La Crosse, WI, he attended Temple University in Philadelphia before choosing to return to Wisconsin and finish his bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Julian spent 15 years as a senior manager for CenturyLink, a telecommunications company, prior to accepting a management role with a Fortune 150 insurance company in Franklin.

Julian believes in being active in the community. He founded a Toys for Tots drive and often volunteers at community Thanksgiving dinners. He also enjoys working with young people, and has helped prepare high school students for the workforce by conducting mock interviews. When not working, volunteering, or advocating for conservative causes, Julian enjoys attending sporting events with his friends and family.

Adam Murphy. Photo courtesy of Murphy for Wisconsin.

Adam Murphy. Photo courtesy of Murphy for Wisconsin.

Adam Murphy – Democratic

Adam Murphy is an entrepreneur and business consultant in Franklin, and owns Big Bang, LLC, a software company he and his employees built from the ground up. As a small-business owner responsible for meeting a payroll every week, Adam knows what it takes to succeed in America.

Adam supports access to quality, affordable healthcare for every American, a fair tax system that supports small business and rewards work, a stronger democracy, and civil rights for all. And Adam thinks government needs to do more to protect the environment and adapt our economy to fight climate change, and to ensure safer communities.

Adam and his wife Tanya live in an 137 year old four-room schoolhouse in Franklin, with their dog and cat. Adam was born and raised in South Milwaukee, graduated from Pius XI High School, and attended UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. Adam plays poker around the country, and he’s finished “in the money” at the World Series of Poker six times.

Representative to the Assembly – District 8

Sylvia Ortiz-Velez. Photo from Campaign.

Sylvia Ortiz-Velez. Photo from Campaign.

Sylvia Ortiz-Velez – Democratic

I was born and raised on Milwaukee’s South Side and I take great pride in our hardworking community. I will always fight for our neighborhood, and want to continue to make our neighborhood a better place to work and live.

Prior to your electing me Milwaukee County Supervisor, I spent more than a decade as a community volunteer in our neighborhood. For many years I operated a small business. I obtained a degree in Political Science from UWM. I wanted to educate myself in creating policies to bring beneficial impact to the people of our community.

As a current Milwaukee County Supervisor,  I know our community’s needs and how to address them!  Milwaukee County is an arm of the State!  Milwaukee County Supervisors deliver services from the state right here on the ground, which gives me a unique perspective and distinguishes me as the most qualified to go to Work on DAY ONE!

I look forward to being able to speak with you soon. I will always remain accessible and willing to listen to you! No one will work harder for you!

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez – Republican

Do you want higher taxes?

As a candidate I have decided to continue fighting for less taxes.

As a family we have to make wise choices and we need leadership that will put the best interest of the people first.

My kids ask me about the Corona Virus, when they play on public swing sets……They want interaction, a normal life.

Do you want to get back to normal, firm leadership, them I’m asking for your vote.

We have a Great City and Great people.
In truth, everyone knows we need less government!

Representative to the Assembly – District 9

Marisabel Cabrera. Photo courtesy of Friends of Marisabel Cabrera.

Marisabel Cabrera. Photo courtesy of Friends of Marisabel Cabrera.

Marisabel Cabrera – Democratic

I was born and raised on Milwaukee’s South Side. My family struggled to get by and, more than once, relied on the neighborhood church for food and other necessities. I became aware at a very early age how difficult life can be for those with little to fall back on when my family resided in Puerto Rico and survived solely on the food we planted, the animals we raised, and the clothes we made. I remember my parents constantly emphasizing that the surest way out of poverty is through a good education and I credit my quality public education for getting me to where I am today. I took my parents’ advice and I earned two bachelor’s degrees from UW-Madison and a law degree from Michigan State University.

Because of my modest childhood, I am committed to working hard and making my community better. I am an entrepeneur, respected immigration attorney, and former chair of both the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s (DPW) Latino Caucus and Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission. Additionally, I am a member of Voces de la Frontera, the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL), and the National Association of Latino Elected Officials.​

I received the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County’s 2016 Rising Star Award for my work as chair of the DPW’s Latino Caucus. In 2018, I received the Community Champion Award from Citizen Action of Wisconsin and was recognized by Madison365 as one of Wisconsin’s Most Powerful Latinos. Most recently, I was appointed Vice Chair of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators 2020 Immigration Task Force.


Veronica Diaz. Photo from the candidate.

Veronica Diaz. Photo from the candidate.

Veronica Diaz – Republican

Veronica Diaz was born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee. She has been blessed with two amazing parents who have taught her what hard work, family and supporting our community by helping others in need is doing God’s work.

Representative to the Assembly – District 11

Dora Drake. Photo from the candidate.

Dora Drake. Photo from the candidate.

Dora Drake – Democratic

Dora Drake is a member of the community who was born and raised in the Graceland neighborhood near Wyrick Park.

She was accepted into the Educational Opportunities Program at Marquette University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Welfare and Justice in 2015.

Shortly after, she became a Pretrial Case Manager at JusticePoint for two years. Dora helped people by finding resources they needed such as housing and employment. She, with the help of colleagues and YWCA of Southeast WI, also implemented a racial-bias training for JusticePoint’s employees statewide. Dora also facilitated trauma-informed response training sessions for those who work in the justice system.

As Dora was looking for other ways to advocate for the community , she landed as the campaign manager for Shyla Deacon’s campaign for MPS School Board in District 1. Even though the campaign lost in the 2019 Spring election by small a margin, Dora gained a deeper insight about the challenges teachers, children, and families face surrounding education and what’s at stake for the future of our children.

Dora currently works as a Member Service Coordinator at the Center for Self Sufficiency where she provides re-entry services to support those who are re-entering society.

But with our community facing a global pandemic, we need someone who will take initiative to advocate and create solutions that addresses the challenges we face in the community.

This is why Dora is running.

She is someone who can build bridges and work with others to get the job done. Dora is dedicated to serving the community uniting everyone in hope to rebuild and strengthen communities for the future.

Dora lives near James Madison High School where she is close to her family. She is the oldest of 8 siblings and is a worship singer at New Horizons Integrated Ministries. She also loves the arts and was a cast member in Capita Productions “We Are the Drum” over the past 2 years.

Orlando Owens. Photo from the candidate.

Orlando Owens. Photo from the candidate.

Orlando Owens – Republican

The Milwaukee area has an HBCU graduate running for office in the State Assembly District #11. Candidate Orlando Owens is a graduate of Morris Brown College and is Republican.  This District includes wards in the City of Milwaukee and Glendale. The election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are institutions of higher education that were established with the intention of primarily serving the African-American community. HBCU graduates include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the first African American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

“Whether it is cultural experiences, social events or historical happenings, I am grateful I was surrounded by a community of people who supported and accepted me as I am.”

As a community organizer and Minister at Abundant Harvest Church Of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C), and through his involvement at the Joseph Project, a public organization providing former inmates with job opportunities and transportation, Orlando Owens feels his community needs more than ever a state representative that can reach across both political aisles to accomplish what is needed most in his district.

“As a Republican running in a Democratic district, I feel transparency is key.  As part of the Republican Majority, I have the ability to get the votes to get things done for Milwaukee and Glendale by building support in Madison from both parties to accomplish what we all want in the 11th District: criminal justice reform, greater education deliverables and proper healthcare for our elders. My Faith plays a major part in everything I do.”

Additional issues that are critical to Orlando’s campaign are closing the Lincoln Hill juvenile prison, addressing lead pipe replacement, street repair and covid-19 income support. Orlando was  born and raised in Milwaukee and the proud husband to his wife Kenya and father to his son Travion.

Representative to the Assembly – District 12

Ozell Cox. Photo from the candidate.

Ozell Cox. Photo from the candidate.

Ozell Cox – Republican

I am running for the State Assembly District 12 seat because I want to see Milwaukee flourish as a city again. I grew up in Milwaukee when those who wanted to secure a living-wage job were able to do so. However, this is not the case in the city now. In many communities, the unemployment rate is extremely high, this is especially true in the African American community. Some statistics estimate the rate of unemployment for African Americans is nearly three and half times that of white residents. Therefore, I am running to restore living-wages jobs to the district.

Additionally, I am running because I want to see essential goods and services return to the district. Some of the services and amenities other communities take for granted have left our district. For example, quality grocery stores, department stores, movie theaters, hospitals, among other goods and services do not exist in our district. What does the displacement of our goods and services mean for Assembly District 12? Our monies are spent outside of the district and do not contribute to the financial infrastructure of the district. Through economic development, we can see these services return and create job opportunities for our residents.

Milwaukee is uniquely located on the shores of Lake Michigan and should be the jewel of the state. I believe we can accomplish this; however, we need a representative who will make economic development a top priority. I believe it is time for Milwaukee to move forward. I would be honored to represent Assembly District 12 in Madison.

State Rep. LaKeshia Myers. Image from LaKeshia Myers for Assembly.

State Rep. LaKeshia Myers. Image from LaKeshia Myers for Assembly.

LaKeshia Myers – Democratic

Focused on the future for the people of the 12th assembly district, LaKeshia Myers wishes to be your next state representative.

Representative to the Assembly – District 13

Rob Hutton. Photo courtesy of Citizens for Rob Hutton.

Rob Hutton. Photo courtesy of Citizens for Rob Hutton.

Rob Hutton – Republican

My wife, Patti, and I both grew up in Brookfield and graduated from Brookfield East High School, where we met through fellow classmates. I earned my degree in History from UW-Whitewater, while Patti graduated from UW-Madison. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We love this community and knew it was where we wanted to raise our four children: Ryan (wife-Reagan), David, Sarah and Steven. Raising our children where we grew up and among their grandparents and extended family has been a blessing.

My 30 years in business have been spent as the owner of a logistics firm in Milwaukee, which employed 75 people. I now own an industrial coatings firm, employing 55 people, that services the manufacturing industry. Lastly, I am a partner in a manufacturing firm in southern Wisconsin which employs 25 people.

I ran for the State Assembly because I have witnessed firsthand how government can both help and hinder the growth of business, and its ability to create jobs. I wanted to bring my private sector experience of balancing budgets, creating jobs, and making difficult decisions to help the State of Wisconsin create and keep a vibrant economy. My personal experience as a business owner has led to a consistent track record of reducing taxes and eliminating government waste.

As a husband, father, business owner, and lifelong resident, I understand the issues that face our communities, and have made a commitment to giving back. I have experience serving on various non-profit boards, volunteering with inner city and prison outreach ministries, coaching youth sports, teaching Sunday school, and leading youth groups. Prior to serving in the State Assembly, I was a Waukesha County Supervisor. It is very important to me to do my part in making our community a better place to live.

Sara Rodriguez. Photo from the candidate.

Sara Rodriguez. Photo from the candidate.

Sara Rodriguez – Democratic

Sara Rodriguez is running to represent District 13 in the Wisconsin State Assembly as a Democrat. Sara is a registered nurse and an experienced healthcare executive who has worked in a variety of leadership roles for over 20 years including recently founding a healthcare consulting firm.​

Sara was the Vice President of Population Health and Integrated Care Management at a local health system and has had various leadership positions with public health departments at the local, state and federal level, serving as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer with the CDC. Sara has also worked in the private industry as a Vice President in the mobile health technology business within a Fortune 100 Company.

Sara is a Wisconsin native graduating from Brookfield East High School before she received her Masters in Public Health and Masters in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University.

Sara is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and she currently volunteers in her community as the Girl Scout leader of her daughter’s troop. She has expanded access to the Girl Scout program, earning her an award from the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast.

Representative to the Assembly – District 14

Bonnie Lee. Photo from the candidate.

Bonnie Lee. Photo from the candidate.

Bonnie Lee – Republican

Bonnie and Matt met while at Baylor University and have been married since 1992. After Matt finished medical school in Georgia, the couple moved to Milwaukee in 1995. They planted deep roots in Wauwatosa and raised their children here.

Their two sons, Alex and James, were born at St. Joseph’s Hospital, attended Wauwatosa School District schools, and consider themselves full-fledged Cheeseheads.

To keep up with her young sons, Bonnie stepped onto the mat to learn martial arts at J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy. As a second degree Black Belt, Bonnie knows when to fight: always in defense of those who cannot defend themselves. She applies this basic tenet to her tenacious commitment to serve and advocate for others, here and abroad

Within her community, Bonnie has been recognized for community service and organizational development. A vision for a thriving city fuels her work.

Bonnie is Director of Outreach Ministries in her congregation, Northwest Baptist Church. Located on the border of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee, she recognized that creating strategic partnerships with other community organizations would help her congregation address the neighborhood’s needs and in a way that develops the community. Together, they are addressing issues such as literacy, job preparedness, financial education, maternal and infant health, housing, and ministering to inmates.

At J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy, Bonnie built a Community Service Team to help martial artists do service in their schools, neighborhoods, and places of work. With her team, she coordinated a city-wide drive that collected 22,000 pairs of gently used shoes. This project led to her first trip to Africa in 2011. That year, Bonnie received the coveted Grandmaster J.K. Lee Community Engagement award.

Bonnie has spent considerable time volunteering in Wauwatosa Public Schools, as well as Milwaukee Public and charter schools. Her time at McKinley Elementary as room mom and Vice President of the PTA, as well as Forensics Coach and Reader Writer Worship aide at Whitman Middle School are some of her favorites.

Bonnie is the Co-Founder of Learn For Life Kenya, a registered nonprofit organization that seeks to prepare young people in Kenya for employment through vocational and entrepreneurial training.

Through her international work, Bonnie has witnessed many well-meaning individuals unintentionally hurt those they seek to help by offering relief (aide) when the better response is to develop skills and connect people to local opportunities. Learn For Life Kenya seeks not only to teach people how to fish but to give them access to the pond through vital partnerships.

Robyn Vining. Photo courtesy of Friends of Robyn Vining.

Robyn Vining. Photo courtesy of Friends of Robyn Vining.

Robyn Vining – Democratic

Raised by a dedicated public school teacher and a top-tier financial strategist, Robyn was raised to value a compassionate + pragmatic approach to life.

In 2018, Robyn got fired up to fight for the change her community needed and worked alongside neighbors to flip her district’s seat.

Robyn won her election to the Wisconsin State Assembly and has served since January of 2019. Her seat was the first Wisconsin seat to flip to the Democrats in a decade! Robyn serves as a member of the Committees on Health, Children & Families, Small Business Development, and Financial Institutions, in addition to the Assembly Task Force on Adoption.

In Madison, she works on policies related to protecting the health and safety of children and families, promoting good government, and supporting small businesses.

Representative to the Assembly – District 16

Kalan R. Haywood. Photo courtesy of Haywood for Assembly.

Kalan R. Haywood.

Kalan Haywood – Democratic

Kalan Haywood is the State Representative for the 16th assembly district.

Dennis Walton. Photo from the candidate.

Dennis Walton. Photo from the candidate.

Dennis Walton – Republican

Mr. Dennis C. Walton is a Community Organizer / Social Entrepreneur and Activist by trade and at heart who believes that no government institution, corporation or business endeavor can truly succeed if it does not serve the interest of making people and communities a better place. Mr. Walton in his leadership capacity works with the highest level of government officials and business leadership locally, nationally and internationally.  As a loving father of three children, two boys and one girl, ages 18,17,9. He has a professional background and experience in commercial and residential real-estate development, finance, business development and entertainment. Mr. Walton was previously the Site Coordinator for the Building Neighborhood Capacity Program (BNCP) a federal program commissioned by President Obama to help residents and families in Milwaukee WI, Amani Community become more engaged and active in civic duty and resident based solutions to address the issues of violence and resident leadership. He is now the Resident Leader for the Amani community where his focus is to change negative community systems through resident engagement which leads to resident empowerment. Mr Walton spent several years as the Outreach Coordinator for the Mayor of Milwaukee, Fatherhood Initiative (MFI) before he became Co-Director. In Mr. Waltons role within the MFI he has mentored, counseled, served and saved the lives of thousands of mothers, fathers and children in the City of Milwaukee. After several years of leading the (MFI) Mr. Walton saw fit to expand the vision of fatherhood work beyond the local level and in 2017 became the Founder and President of Made Men Worldwide Inc. where he works with fathers, families and institutions to raise the awareness of the importance of fatherhood locally, nationally, and internationally. Mr. Walton is also working very diligently to help bridge the digital divide in underserved communities globally. He is a Portal Ambassador and Shared Studios Global Portal Director, Co-host of one of Milwaukee’s most popular talk radio programs and assistant producer, organizer and feature in one of Milwaukee’s most successful film documentaries Milwaukee 53206 which has been the catalyst for leading the discussion nationwide about criminal justice reform and the Mass Incarceration of black men. Which is why he has decided to take his twenty plus years of experience in serving community to the next level and run as a candidate for State Representative for the 16th Assembly District. It is Mr. Walton’s belief that as an independent thinker it’s time to give our community the option to choose an independent candidate, one who is not beholding to any party politics but who is truly in line with the voice and spirit of the people.

Representative to the Assembly – District 17

Abie Eisenbach. Photo courtesy of Eisenbach.

Abie Eisenbach. Photo courtesy of Eisenbach.

Abie Eisenbach – Republican

My name is Abie Eisenbach and I am running for the 17th District of the State Assembly. Let me tell you why. I’ve lived in the Sherman Park area my whole life and have seen the changes over the years. We’ve seen a spike in crime and reckless driving. We need to make our neighborhoods safe and vibrant for our families.

We need to get to the root of the problem! I am running to bring back after school programs, trade schools, and apprenticeship opportunities. Every one of our children deserves the right to reach their full potential and I’m running to help them get there.

I hope I can count on your support.

Supreme Moore Omokunde. Photo from the candidate.

Supreme Moore Omokunde. Photo from the candidate.

Supreme Moore Omokunde – Democratic

Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde was first elected by the 10th District Community on April 7, 2015, and re-elected in 2016 and 2018.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Supervisor Moore Omokunde learned the values of community and social empowerment through his parents, Rev. Dr. Tolokun Omokunde and Congresswoman Gwen Moore. From an early age, he has dedicated himself to the advancement of social justice and spent many years working for the betterment of his community before becoming a county supervisor.

Supervisor Moore Omokunde has received training in community leadership through the national AmeriCorps program, Public Allies, the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Riverwest Neighborhood Association, and served on the board of directors for TRUE Skool. Prior to joining the Milwaukee County Board, he served as the community organizer for the Sherman Park Community Association where he worked with block clubs, established the Friends of Sherman Park group and helped to formulate a Neighborhood Improvement District.

The 10th District is strong in character and opportunity, and Supervisor Moore Omokunde hopes to meld together the community’s strengths and challenges in an effort to create a more united neighborhood.

Supervisor Moore Omokunde is Chair of the Health and Human Needs Committee and a member of the budget-setting Finance and Audit Committee. He also serves on the Milwaukee Public Museum Board of Directors and on the Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission.

Representative to the Assembly – District 19

Jonathan Brostoff

Jonathan Brostoff

Jonathan Brostoff – Democratic

Jonathan has served as Wisconsin’s 19th State Assembly District Representative since January 3, 2015.

Jonathan has continued to serve the Milwaukee community since he took office. He volunteers weekly at Pathfinders, a youth shelter, and at the Maryland Avenue Montessori school.

In addition, Jonathan maintains close ties with  Dryhootch, a veteran-focused nonprofit, and is an active alumni with Milwaukee’s Public Allies program.

Jonathan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in political science. While in college, he worked for Senator Tom Harkin in Washington, D.C., was chair of the UWM College Democrats, and completed the United Nations Summer Seminar program.

Jonathan is married to Diana Vang-Brostoff, whom he met while at UWM.  She is a clinical social worker at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center. Together, Jonathan and Diana have two baby boys, Boaz and Baraq.

Jonathan’s father, Alan, is a retired attorney, mediator, and arbitrator. His mother, Phyllis, is a social worker and co-founder/co-owner of Stowell Associates, which has provided managed home care to elderly persons and disabled adults since 1983.


Helmut Fritz. Photo from the candidate's website.

Helmut Fritz. Photo from the candidate’s website.

Helmut Fritz – Republican

I am a past series 65, 63 and 7 financial advisor and been successful in manufacturing and media industries. I have had long tenures as a board member and active member of charitable, educational, religious, and ethnic organizations including efforts for the betterment of Hispanic and African American communities. I have approximately seven years as a state of Wisconsin employee.

I have had long tenures as a board member and active member of charitable, educational, religious, and ethnic organizations including efforts for the betterment of Hispanic and African American communities.

This candidacy’s priorities are centered on what I call WI GAAP. I also will be seeking Wisconsin political office term limits, focus on Lake Michigan and its’ watershed issues, the Milwaukee Area transportation system, and jobs, jobs, jobs.

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