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How far will someone go to make it from rural India to America?

By - Oct 5th, 2016 03:29 pm
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Don’t miss the final screening of Umrika at the Milwaukee Film Festival. Showing Thursday evening at the Fox Bay Cinema Grill, the film follows residents of a remote Indian village and their pride when one of their own makes it to “Umrika” (America). The villagers await letters detailing the exploits of one of their own in a foreign land. A cast of familar faces often found in the background of films (Tony Revolori, Suraj Sharma) find themselves front-and-center for a journey that is equal parts dramatic and comedic. Milwaukee Film members were treated to this film in a monthly screening in advance of the festival, and you won’t want to miss it yourself.

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Milwaukee Film Says…

When Rama’s (Life of Pi star Suraj Sharma) older brother, Udai, set out from their North Indian mountain village for the golden shores of “Umrika,” it was a massive local event. And his letters from overseas, full of exotic details, were equally well received by all in the community. But when the letters stop arriving, Rama decides to follow the American dream for himself alongside his best friend (The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Tony Revolori), retracing Udai’s steps to Bombay in hopes of finding his brother. This winning, ‘80s-set Indian indie (winner of a Sundance Audience Award) handles its comedy/drama balance with great warmth and exquisite detail.


  • Thursday, October 6th – 7:00 p.m. – Fox Bay Cinema Grill – Tickets

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