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Her Parents are a loud, hooky, rollicking young band from London, and new album, "Physical Release" makes for a great late-summer soundtrack.

By - Sep 1st, 2012 01:07 pm
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So last week, Stripwax went on a little vacation that wasn’t really a vacation, but rather was what would’ve been regular Stripwax time shoveled into various other creative projects, ridiculous 18-hour parties and simple life-stuff, much of which was soundtracked by Her Parents, a ROLLICKING young band from London who are made up of members of other bands you’ve never heard of here in the U.S. of A.

Her Parents are loud and hooky and hot dang, they play stand-out punk rock. Physical Release is a great name for a record that will not be released as physical product, and is also apt for a band that gleefully documents their attacks on unsuspecting washing machines. On this elpee, they are tormented by Justin Vernon, spend nearly 50 seconds of a full minute asking the question “What’s Your Dad Called?” and give Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche the most blistering homage ever recorded. If you like it loud and fun, Her Parents are yer kind of people.

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