Derby Little Secrets

A bit o’Irish and a Bleeding “Miracle”

By - Mar 7th, 2011 04:00 am
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On February 20, the Crazy 8s gave every sign that they’re headed from worst to first with a 68-42 smackdown of the big-girl-panty-clad Rushin’ Rollettes. The Shevil Knevils picked up their first win of 2011 by shellacking Maiden Milwaukee 65-42, leaving the Maidens alone in the basement – for now. This month, it’s 8s vs. Shevils in a slobberknocking showdown and Maidens vs. Rollettes in… another fancy way to say “athletic contest between two teams.”

Derby Little Secrets catches up with all four teams in advance of their third bout March 19 at the US Cellular Arena. Watch here and find out who’s stacked and who stuffs her bra. And for the second month running, enjoy a bonus video – this one from Maiden Milwaukee’s Bleeding Heart, channeling Kurt Russell in 2004’s Miracle. We’ll see you track-side.

Derby Little Secrets

Bonus: Bleeding Heart channels Kurt Russell!

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