Looking forward to new fashion in the New Year

By - Jan 1st, 2011 04:00 am
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Emily Thungkaew

What a whirlwind the fashion world has been in 2010! Where do I even begin to chose my favorite trend from the past year? Was it the return of the romper? The sparkly, shimmery, bling-bling that decorated everything from tank tops to leggings? Perhaps it was the sheer lace overlays we saw on all the runway and red carpet?

Decisions, decisions. I have to say that the military trend was, hands down, my favorite. I love it because of the versatility it brings to your wardrobe. On mornings when I struggle with my appearance, I know that I can throw my olive green jacket over almost anything, or slip into some lace-up ankle booties that instantly add interest to any outfit. The best part, though, is that the trend has lived from spring to summer to fall and even into this chilly winter day.

As far as the year to come, I couldn’t be more excited about the neutrals we saw on runways for Spring 2011 collections . As someone who gets scolded repeatedly for buying only white, gray and black, I’m excited to know that this will be a safe option for the season to come. Cheers to the new year, and happy trend-setting!

Annie Vihtelic

In 2010, I loved everything Mad Men – shapely silhouettes, full skirts with cropped cardigans, the use of figure enhancing undergarments to ensure good posture and slim lines. These key pieces will merge beautifully with looks throughout the New Year, but will take us to a place that is more Mademoiselle than Mad Men. Whether you choose to go preppy or polished, in 2011 Paris is the way to go.

We’ve always looked in the direction of Paris when it comes to fashionable authority. In 2011 they lead us into chic styles which include sultry femme fatale-styled menswear with touches of lace and leather. Bohemian resort styles are as cool as they are coquettish and reflect the style of a 1960’s Bridgette Bardot.

One good rule of thumb: It’s not so much about a garment being fitted, but fitting well. With this in mind, French chic comes off as not so constricted, and even more alluring.

Style has a way of extracting every drop of sensuality from certain eras to create looks that epitomize women of that time. Just as it was done so perfectly in Mad Men, 2011 brings us a new cast of leading ladies to help us to discover a little French vixen in all of us.

Kimberly Gomez

Like Emily, my favorite “trend” this past year was the military inspired jacket. I use quotes because it seems to be a trend every few years, which at some point makes it a classic. I was a kid when Michael Jackson started wearing sequin versions of them and since I love bling and I was in love with him, it was a match made in heaven. I’ve had a love affair with military inspired jackets ever since.

I will definitely keep mine from this season until they’re hot again. Long live military inspired jackets (and bling)!

I am so happy to see, after a few seasons of skinny jeans and pants, that the flared pant and jean trend is on the horizon in 2011. This also includes wide leg pants — which give those of us who don’t have stick legs some breathing room and look great on any figure.

Women of most figure types also look great in flared jeans and pants. They don’t draw extra attention to the hips like skinny jeans do. For both genders, they provide a much more streamlined, lean look. They just may become your new favorite.

*Cover photo by Rob Loud from the J. Mendel Spring 2011 collection.

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