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Monsters of Techno Vol. 2

By - Jul 8th, 2010 10:59 pm
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photo of Made of Oak from MySpace

The electronic extravaganza Monsters of Techno Vol. 2 at the Cactus Club this Friday is slyly playing coverup to some of Milwaukee’s musicians in other guises in a typical catch-as-catch-can as far as new local music info goes. With a lineup that includes Signaldrift, Curtis Chip vs. Pressboard, RichDad and Made of Oak, the casual electronic aficionado and the more full time rock reveler might be susceptible to eyelid-batting a show that would normally sway their cover charge dollars.

Signaldrift, the duo of John Goelzer [DJ bts.wrkng] and Franz Bucholtz [Sometime Sweet Susan, the Dim Suns], recently garnered attention and admiration for their double LP, Two Agents [Audraglint]. The music media superiors at Pitchfork gave the release praise, remarking that “each track is smooth and well-crafted, with straightforward beats that avoid sharp angles and sudden shifts…Bucholtz and Goelzer know how to make a strong, pulsing beat, and how to build momentum as it rolls steadfastly forward…the duo lock into a Neu!-like groove that never hits overdrive, yet still creates thick atmosphere.”

Other talent-creepers on deck include the dueling/collaborating of Pressboard (Jim Schoenecker of Collections of Colonies of Bees) versus Curtis Chip of Zod Records, the performance of Thomas Wincek (of All Tiny Creatures and Collections of Colonies of Bees) and his project RichDad and Nicholas Sanborn’s (Decibully, Headlights) energetic DJ skills as Made of Oak. Catch-as-catch-can, indeed.

Monsters of Techno Vol. 2 takes place at Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) at 9:30 p.m. 21+

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