Jeff Moody

Welcome Back, Devo

By - Jul 7th, 2010 10:13 am
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It’s been a long time.

So much of what you predicted years ago has come true. America has been slouching toward corporatocracy for years, and HERE WE ARE! Freedom of choice is what we’ve got. Now yer back, older, grayer and subversive as ever. Create a number of new tracks featuring those now-familiar oddball time signatures, slanted arrangements and subversive satire, and turn to social product developers and market researchers to choose the tracks for the new ceedee.

It’s a beautiful world. We are all Devo now. A world where our machines do what we say, but our minds don’t. We follow our nose and go where ever it goes, giving in to the uncontrollable urge. We are texting, electing, rejecting… it’s what we do. Psycho pundits fan the fire. And yer right… they will hunt us down and tase us for playing with the rules.

But at least we have you to make fun of it all, and to remind us that creativity is a handy escape hatch when we’re too weary to battle the bastards, and our greatest weapon when we do have the strength to fight.

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