Dave Reid

Public Works Committee Considers Vehicle Registration Feed

By - Jun 3rd, 2008 08:30 pm
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This special committee meeting was scheduled to discuss resolution 080034. It was brought forward by Alderman Robert Bauman, Alderman Bob Donovan, Alderman Wille Wade and, Alderman Willie Hines Jr. and proposed replacing large assessments on property owners to pay for road repaid projects with a $20 vehicular registration fee. Alderman Bauman laid out the three principal goals for this resolution which included improving the infrastructure of the City of Milwaukee, diversifying the City of Milwaukee’s revenue streams and to bring fairness in the assessment process. Specifically this resolution would move $3.5 million in special assessments costs and approximately $3.1 million in property taxes on to the vehicle registration fee. It was pointed out that many suburban commuters and absentee land lords utilize City of Milwaukee roads and although this resolution was held it clearly has merits in that it attempts to find a more equitable distribution of the expense of road construction.


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