Jeramey Jannene

Lake Michigan Under Fire

By - Jan 24th, 2008 08:06 pm
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Our beloved Lake Michigan is in trouble.  In the last year alone “the small fish” that sustain the big salmon and trout had their numbers cut in half.  Thanks to a growing number of mussels that are able to live at deep depths and rob the water of energy (the plankton), the ecosystem is under fire.

But fear not, Jim Doyle is coming to the rescue (how about that for a change).  The state of Wisconsin will spend $6 million to build an experimental ballast water treatment system for the state’s Great Lakes ports, most importantly Milwaukee.  As you hopefully know, most of the invasive species in Lake Michigan today enter through the discharged ballast water of ships.  Wisconsin and the United States have been slow to pass legislation regulating this discharging, which can be largely prevented by discharging the ballast water in the open ocean.

This system will hopefully serve as the catalyst for a movement by all Great Lakes ports to finally do something about allowing ballast water to be discharged.


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