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Wisconsin Loses Relentless Advocate for Wisconsin’s Middle Class

The following is a statement from State Senator Chris Larson on the tragic loss of Marty Beil.

By - Oct 2nd, 2015 11:16 am

Madison – The following is a statement from State Senator Chris Larson on the tragic loss of Marty Beil.

“Yesterday, Wisconsin lost a relentless advocate for Wisconsin’s Middle Class. Marty called Wisconsin his home since the 1960s, and worked tirelessly to lift up hardworking families in our state. As an AFSCME leader, Marty was principle in the fight against Walker’s Regressive Era of politics and culture of corruption.

“Marty’s steadfast presence, deep character, and strong wisdom will be sorely missed.”

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State Sen. Chris Larson

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Current law is only applicable to law enforcement officers and does not hold correctional officers in city, county, and state correctional facilities to the same investigatory standards.

State Sen. Chris Larson

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State Sen. Chris Larson

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State Sen. Chris Larson

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State Sen. Chris Larson

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State Sen. Chris Larson

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