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Senator Johnson Can’t Run From His Record of Failure on the Opioid Crisis

Senator Johnson can’t run from the truth.

By - Sep 1st, 2016 11:03 am
Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson

MADISON — Senator Johnson wants to paper over his record on the opioid crisis. But Wisconsinites deserve to know the truth about his time in Washington. For five years, Johnson has stood in the way of critical funding to combat Wisconsin’s opioid epidemic. He sided with Republicans to protect tax breaks for multi-millionaires rather than spend more on substance abuse programs. Now he’s trying to cover up his record in an attempt to play politics with the opioid crisis.

But Senator Johnson can’t run from the truth. Here’s a look at his record

“In nearly six years in Washington, Senator Johnson has voted three times against bipartisan measures to provide much needed funding to help combat Wisconsin’s drug epidemic. He chose to protect tax breaks for multi-millionaires rather than fight for more resources for Wisconsinites struggling with addiction. Now, in his desperate attempt to stay in Washington he wants to cover up his record and play politics with the opioid crisis,” said Harry Hartfield, spokesman Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

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