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Russ For Wisconsin Reports $2.3 million in FEC Filing

Feingold raised $2.3 million in just six weeks as a declared candidate

By - Jul 15th, 2015 04:17 pm

MIDDLETON — In an impressive display of grassroots support, Russ Feingold‘s campaign reported raising over $2.3 million in their quarterly Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing due today. Thousands of grassroots donors propelled Feingold to one of the strongest showings of any Senate candidate in the nation and over $2 million cash on hand, despite entering the race midway through the fundraising period.

“The grassroots support this campaign has received to start this campaign is almost overwhelming,” said Russ Feingold. “From this report to the campaign trail, the enthusiasm and support I’ve seen from Wisconsin reinforces my commitment to listen to and fight for all Wisconsinites.”

By The Numbers – Russ for Wisconsin’s 2nd Quarter Fundraising

  • Raised $2,341,968.64
  • Reports $2,036,995.59 Cash on Hand
  • Over 11,500 individual donors from across the state of Wisconsin
  • Donors from all 72 counties gave within the first five days of the campaign.

“Russ Feingold was able to out-raise Senator Ron Johnson despite being a declared candidate for just six weeks. That shows both the enthusiasm that Wisconsinites have for Russ’s candidacy and how ready people are to be done with out-of-touch Republicans like Ron Johnson,” said campaign manager Tom Russell. “Our campaign is proud to have support from all 72 of Wisconsin’s counties and thousands of Wisconsin donors who know Russ Feingold listens to their concerns and is ready to deliver results.”

Russ for Wisconsin filed the report electronically. It will be available through the FEC website after being processed.

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