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Milwaukee County Opposes Discrimination in All Forms

"...the people of Milwaukee County have said again today that we are united against discrimination, hate, and bigotry."

By - Jan 25th, 2017 01:04 pm

MILWAUKEE – Today, in a response to President Trump‘s first 100 days agenda, including today’s expected executive order to ban US visas for people from Muslim-majority countries and action to place an indefinite hold on the US refugee program, Milwaukee County government took a step towards reaffirming its opposition to all forms of discrimination.

The Health and Human Needs Committee heard hours of testimony from community members today in favor of a resolution, authored by Supervisor Dimitrijevic, which opposes all forms of discrimination and affirmed “Milwaukee County’s commitment to value all people regardless of race, sex, class, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, age, ancestry or nationality, ethnicity, political or religious affiliation, or creed.

“A majority of voters rejected Donald Trump in the presidential election, and the people of Milwaukee County have said again today that we are united against discrimination, hate, and bigotry,” said Supervisor Dimitrijevic.

“As elected officials, we could do nothing in the face of Trump’s discriminatory agenda, or we can act. This resolution recognizes that we are a diverse community and reaffirms our commitment to value and respect all people equally.”

A broad coalition of community groups, including the Milwaukee NAACP, the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and other faith communities, along with immigrant rights advocates, including Voces de la Frontera, held a rally in support of the resolution in the courthouse rotunda prior to the committee meeting.

An amendment to the resolution counters President Trump’s intention to restore the Secure Communities Program (SCP) and revitalize 287(g) partnerships by resolving to “prioritize keeping families together” and states that Milwaukee County “will remain a safe place for immigrants.”

After hearing from a large and diverse group of community members who testified and registered overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution, the committee moved to forward the original resolution to the full County Board at its February 2 meeting. Supervisor Dimitrijevic intends to offer her substitute resolution to the Board on February 2.

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2 thoughts on “Milwaukee County Opposes Discrimination in All Forms”

  1. Jose says:

    I sincerely hope that the voters of Milwukee pay very close attention to the vote on Marina’s resolution, especially those groups she is claiming to be supporting/defending. Resolutions like this put a target on Milwaukee. It is essentially daring Trump to shut off any fed money to us. Any superviser who votes for this puts that money at risk which has a direct and immediate negative impact on the very groups they are “protecting.” When services and programs are reduced, Marina and company will be at fault. Better to take fed money and use it for the groups rather than throw it away so she and the others can feel good about themselves for “standing up” to Trump with a resolution that is purely symbolic.

  2. Barbara Richards says:

    Thanks for Standing Up. The rhetoric was very negative over the last year and a half. The actions we see coming from the New Improved Swamp need close monitoring. Our basic rights are at stake. The price of freedom is constant vigilance.

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