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Last Day of Session: Where are the Jobs?

“Instead of working to create jobs for their constituents, Assembly Republicans focused the fall session on protecting their own jobs by padding their campaign pockets and pushing extreme legislation.”

By - Nov 3rd, 2015 08:10 pm

MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly wrapped up its work for the fall legislative session. While failing to pass a single jobs bill, Assembly Republicans voted to reject a Democratic proposal to provide student debt relief. In response, Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) released the following statement:

“Instead of working to create jobs for their constituents, Assembly Republicans focused the fall session on protecting their own jobs by padding their campaign pockets and pushing extreme legislation. We didn’t see any legislation on the calendar to help hard-working Wisconsin families get ahead.

“Assembly Democrats began 2015 with a robust jobs agenda called ‘15 for 15,’ in addition to bills to help families afford the rising costs of childcare, take time off to care for their sick loved ones, and retire with security. Republicans haven’t given even one of these bills a public hearing. Today, Assembly Democrats brought forward a bill to provide much-needed student loan debt relief, and Republicans responded by deriding the bill as a ‘government bailout.’

“Wisconsin ranks third in the nation for student loan debt. One million Wisconsinites are waiting for action on the rising student loan debt crisis. They’re not asking for a bailout, they’re asking for a level playing field. Democrats want to allow people to refinance their student loan debt like they can a car or mortgage, and deduct their student loan payments from their taxes. But Republicans voted against our proposal unanimously.

“With skyrocketing mass layoffs and mounting student loan debt, the people of Wisconsin deserve bipartisan action on jobs and the economy. Assembly Republicans should spend less time protecting their own jobs, and more time creating jobs for their constituents.”

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Katrina Shankland

Governor Walker Commits to Shifting Campaign Costs onto Wisconsin Taxpayers

It was reported that Governor Walker’s political campaign will no longer be paying for his security team’s travel costs for campaign events.

Katrina Shankland

Rep. Shankland: Statement on the 7th Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

The median income of working women is just 78% of the income of working men.

Katrina Shankland

Rep. Shankland Responds to Release of Gov. Walker’s Receipts from State after Failed White House Bid

"Given that the Department of Administration has released receipts, I hope this means the governor will consider supporting the Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Act."

Katrina Shankland

Response to Governor Walker’s State of the State Address

“Over the past year, Governor Walker and Republican legislators made it clear that special interest handouts and political power grabs were their top priorities – not the people of Wisconsin.”

Katrina Shankland

Reps. Shankland, Wachs Introduce Legislation to Increase Higher Ed Financial Aid

Over 36,000 UW & Tech College students denied aid in 2014-15 due to lack of state funding

Katrina Shankland

Republicans Skirt Open Records Laws, Again

“Telling state employees not to conduct state business using official e-mails and telephones is a new low.”

Katrina Shankland

Walker Opens Floodgates for Money in Politics

“While out-of-state billionaires may like the new campaign finance law, the people of Wisconsin will see their voices drowned out as the state is flooded with dark money.”

Katrina Shankland

Walker Signs Bill to Open Wisconsin to Corruption

“It’s clear that the people of Wisconsin can’t trust Republicans to stand up for clean government.”

Katrina Shankland

Repaying taxpayers is still not a priority for Governor Walker

Faced with $1 million in campaign debt, Governor Walker has been busy soliciting donations to fill the hole caused by his presidential campaign’s reckless spending.

Katrina Shankland

Shut Down WEDC and Move Real Reforms Forward

“The Republican WEDC experiment is an outright failure.”

Katrina Shankland

Republicans Should Focus on Wisconsin Jobs, Not Their Own Jobs

“The people of Wisconsin deserve swift bipartisan action on initiatives to grow Wisconsin jobs.”

Katrina Shankland

Over $1 Million in Debt, Walker Continues to Delay Repaying Taxpayers

“Before the governor pays another penny to a campaign consultant or vendor, Wisconsin taxpayers should be reimbursed immediately.”

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