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County Board Approves Supervisor Taylor’s Redistricting Reform Proposal

Milwaukee County’s next required redistricting process will occur in 2020, following the federal decennial census.

By - Mar 17th, 2016 02:28 pm

A resolution and ordinance change sponsored by Supervisor Steve F. Taylor that will reform the way that Milwaukee County draws its supervisory districts was approved by the County Board on Thursday, 15-2. Taylor’s plan depoliticizes the redistricting process, transferring that power from the hands of lawmakers to an Independent Redistricting Committee. The committee will be comprised of six retired judges, appointed and confirmed by the County Board. A panel of community stakeholders from local universities and public interest and policy groups would provide feedback about the appointees prior to their confirmation.

“I am pleased with the Board’s decision to come together to support this initiative. This is a win for Milwaukee County residents interested in transparent and open government,” said Taylor. “Simply put, this ordinance is a mechanism for good government. I look forward to watching this process unfold in the future.”

Milwaukee County’s next required redistricting process will occur in 2020, following the federal decennial census.

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Steve Taylor

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“This will go a long way in helping families, especially children, avoid long and drawn out cases.”

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Supervisor Steve F. Taylor Re-Elected County Board 2nd Vice Chairman

“I also encourage County Executive Chris Abele, who attended today’s meeting, to work with the County Board to help solve this County’s problems locally instead of running to Madison to consolidate his power.”

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“This decision flies in the face of the principles of the good stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”

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Supervisor Taylor’s Redistricting Reform Proposal Passes Committee, 5-1

“This is a common-sense measure that will help to restore faith and transparency in Milwaukee County’s redistricting procedure.”

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Parkland Zoning Crisis Created by Abele Power Grab

Unprotected Land Could Be Sold, Leased Unless Local Governments Act

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Abele Targets Suburban Homeowners to Pay for Bucks Arena

Under a proposal in the legislature some Milwaukee County suburban homeowners could have their property taxes used to offset the county’s payments for the Bucks arena.

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