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Bowen to Walker: Stop trying to silence NFL players

"His moves to stoke anger and resentment are as cynical as politics gets."

By - Oct 24th, 2017 02:23 pm

MADISON – Today Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign launched a petition demanding NFL players stop taking a stand against racial inequality. State Rep. David Bowen, Democratic Party of Wisconsin First Vice Chair, released the following response:

“Gov. Walker’s campaign stunt of a petition is his way of playing identity politics designed to pit Wisconsinites against one another. If Walker thinks continuing to divide our state will get him national attention for another presidential run, he should take a good look at Donald Trump’s dreadful approval rating before mimicking him.

“Walker’s attempt to silence NFL players’ First Amendment right to protest racial inequality is anti-American. It’s especially shameful that Walker choose to engage in this divisive, race-baiting tactic on the same day that a report was released that shows Wisconsin ranks among the worst states for African-American youth.

“The governor should spend more time focused on Wisconsin and repairing the public schools, roads and health care he has damaged rather than pandering for national attention with his anti-American petition. His moves to stoke anger and resentment are as cynical as politics gets.”

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  1. David Bowen for Governor!! I agree , thank YOU for standing up Mr. Bowen.

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