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$1.1 Billion and Counting…

GOP vouchers undermine public education in Wisconsin

By - Sep 1st, 2015 10:08 am

MADISON, WI – According to a newly-released budget analysis, spending on Wisconsin’s taxpayer-subsidized voucher school program is now expected to exceed $1.1 billion since Gov. Walker and Legislative Republicans took power in 2011. Additionally, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates that private school income tax deductions largely benefiting wealthy families will cost approximately $30 million per year. As taxpayer subsidies for private voucher schools have skyrocketed in recent years, public schools and communities across Wisconsin have seen historic funding cuts.

“With declining family wages, a shrinking middle class and statewide teacher shortages, we need to stop taking money away from Wisconsin’s children and start investing in quality public schools,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “The fact that Wisconsin’s public schools have seen historic funding cuts while the unaccountable voucher program has doubled in size should raise serious alarms for parents and property taxpayers.”

While state taxpayer subsidies for the voucher program have doubled in recent years, from $89 million annually to almost $175 million, issues of waste, fraud and abuse remain unresolved. Over the past decade, more than fifty taxpayer-subsidized private schools have been kicked out of the voucher program for issues ranging from financial mismanagement and fraud to student health and safety concerns.

“At a time when schools and communities across Wisconsin are being forced to take millions in cuts, it’s not fair that unaccountable voucher schools and special interests are being given a blank check from Legislative Republicans,” added Sen. Shilling. “In order to strengthen Wisconsin communities and improve economic outcomes, we need to invest in our public schools and stop the expansion of unaccountable and underperforming voucher schools.”

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State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

Sen. Shilling appoints Taylor, Erpenbach to serve on Joint Finance Committee

“Sen. Taylor and Sen. Erpenbach have been outspoken advocates for working families in Wisconsin and understand the importance of investing in our future.”

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

Statement on Senate Democratic Leadership Election

“I am honored that my colleagues have once again entrusted me with the responsibility of serving as Senate Democratic Leader.”

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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GOP Senators refuse to admonish ‘indefensible’ statements

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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Republican politicians including Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson have also committed to supporting Donald Trump as their party’s nominee.

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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GOP policies result in 16 consecutive quarters of economic disappointment

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

Statement on Right to Work ruling

"This ruling is a major victory for hardworking Wisconsin families."

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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Gov. Walker’s Board of Regents won't hear update on GOP budget cuts

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

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Statewide Outages Prevent Early Voting and Registration

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling

Jennifer Shilling declares: “I’m With Her!”

Senate Democratic Leader endorses Hillary Clinton for President

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