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Jeff Duport

Newcomer Jeff Duport, manager of Mikey’s restaurant (811 N. Jefferson) has a simple wish: wire the city.

By - Feb 11th, 2013 12:15 pm
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Jeff Duport

Jeff Duport

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and why did you choose to live here?
I relocated to Milwaukee from Scottsdale, AZ in June of 2010.  My girlfriend is from Racine and when we found out we were pregnant we decided to move to WI to be closer to her family.

What about Milwaukee makes it a place you want to work and play?
Milwaukee has a specific feel and soul to it that cities on the West Coast just don’t have.  There is history on every corner and in every building that grabs you and pulls you in.

What is your favorite Milwaukee event?
Summerfest is awesome but I’m a craft beer lover so I’m a huge fan of the beer festivals especially the Firkin Festival.

What is one thing about Milwaukee you’d like to see change?
Not so much change but update: become a true 21st century city.  Completely wireless, on the cutting edge.   It would be awesome to see a subway/ L-train type of transportation system that connected Milwaukee and cities like Racine, Oak Creek, New Berlin, Madison & Chicago.

What do you do?
The simple and boring answer is I run a restaurant. But it’s so much more than that.  We cultivate relationships and bring people together.  We give them a unique experience that sets us apart from everybody else. There are so many places to go out in Milwaukee that it’s personal relationships that keep people coming back.   I take pride in building a staff of leaders that hopefully within the next year will take my job and start a very successful career in their selected fields.

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