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Welfare Reform a Morally Cruel Campaign Distraction

"These bills do not address the issues that Governor Walker continues to neglect."

By - Feb 15th, 2018 05:05 pm

(MADISON) – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly voted on a series of welfare “reform” bills requested by Governor Scott Walker as he turns his focus toward re-election. Senator Taylor expressed concerns regarding the Governor’s priorities, and the negative impacts the proposals would have for low-income Wisconsinites.

“These bills do not address the issues that Governor Walker continues to neglect,” said Senator Lena Taylor (D – Milwaukee). “Transportation, education, and juvenile corrections have all sat on the back burner under Walker. Now, the Governor wants to campaign on the fact he’s willing to hurt low-income working families to score political points. These efforts are cruel and will only hurt people across the state.”

Senator Taylor also questioned Governor Walker’s claim that welfare reform is about connecting people to work.

“If Walker is serious about helping people get to work, he should be asking why Wisconsin has trailed the nation in private-sector job creation for the past six years. He should explain why he failed to keep his 2010 campaign trail promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs.”

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