Jeff Moody

Can you even say “Pissed Jeans” on the air anymore?

The noise rock band, touring the Midwest later this year, has a new record called "Honeys," a chaotic mix of tracks, good and bad.

By - Feb 16th, 2013 04:00 am
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This week, America got a noise fix for the dwindling few who want it. Pissed Jeans piss all over conventional “rock” with “Honeys”, the Allentown band’s fourth elpee. “Honeys” opens up with “Bathroom Laughter”, which sounds more like a full-on armored tank assault than anything most folks these days would expect to hear in any sort of rock station rotation. It’s perfectly chaotic, the way rock music isn’t as of late, and frontman Matt Korvette just may be the most unhinged singer since Shannon Selberg screamed in front of Cows back in the early 90’s. Other standout tracks include “Vain In Costume”, the heavily-grooved “Teenage Adult”, “Cathouse”, and “”Romanticize Me”.

Pissed Jeans will be dragging their mess through the great Midwest sometime around the middle of April. Listen for ‘em; You’ll hear them coming long before you see them.

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